SRK History Records Posters of ages past


Let’s go to and complain about how cheap Cable’s gun is in MvC2.


Only thing I remember was some guy named SA.M dropping SKEET bombs on their forums. Word broke out that they were going to retaliate, so an SRK Imperial Army was formed.


Son Them All wrote a poem after his whole debacle had died down a little. He got a second ass-ripping because of it, albeit a less severe one, but you don’t go on SRK and write a poem called “Soul of a Hustla” after you get caught with your dick in your hand like that guy.


Holy shit, I remember that.

It was like I was reading the final cut scene death of some random PS1 era JRPG boss, after it had been obliterated by an overleveled party, so OP, he didn’t even get to cast Super Nova.



Red Queen was a white hot focal point of hate back in 03. Mycah Leonhart also had an affection for girls on the healthy side but it came back to bite him in a many page long thread where he had to defend his love for big girls…and then he disappeared from SRK.

I’d personally like to see a quick bio on Sony. I forget his whole name but people only referred to him shorthand as Sony. He always had a sig inside his post at the end but I forget what it was he always ended with. He had a healthy following of haters on here.

Edit: I think his whole name was Sonylegend? How the fuck did I remember that?




I totally think the Pope of Bootyism has an alt. He’s just more lowkey.


Mycah had the bigass kyo avatar and claimed to love bbws but would post the largest most corpulent wimmenz

Man looking back on things now , imagine if we had something like rc roasting rokchik off the forums , she would have a thirst trap army at her Beck and call or it would hit the Twitter verse and be another lol the fgc is never inclusive etc

Does anyone spit true fire anymore , that isn’t a diss against the current state , just wondering because I don’t check 300 post topic specific threads


also paging @Lint


The soul never stopped burning, fam. :coffee:



All I know is that I’ve mellowed considerably with age.


Why you shave the 'Lint?

You tryin’ ta bag 'dat Bomber?

Carpet Diem, mang.


Who the hell are these posters being mentioned? Rozar, Blody Yakoi, Sonallof? Is this thread supposed to be about legendary posts and legendary stuff that went on in this site, who are these nobody posters?

I have lurked this site for many years. When we talk about posters of ages past:
There is only One. Great. Poster. that transcends every single one of these girlymen nobodies that where mentioned in this thread.

The one who was able to gain red to green bars at will
The one who foresaw every single UMVC3 advancement years before it came into being
The one with the
greatest threads and the greatest posts
in the history of this site.
• ** The one** who would come in religion threads and just raise his undefeated religion thread belt after beating the shit out of every single atheist for the last 10 years.
The one who is undefeated in religion threads.
• The Greatest Poster of Shoryuken (of all time)

If it wasn’t for him there wouldn’t even be a SRK so posters like Se.Am, Sizley, Razor can fuck off and go back (along with Fishjiz) to the pet forums to complain with their fat lady friends about Cesar Millan being Violent.

There is only one poster and only he can make Shoryuken Great Again!



Cisco wasn’t even great once a year on Opposite Day.

Cisco was great like recalled Wal-Mart Frosted Flakes in skim milk.


The best kind of trolling lol. The only thing you can do because flamewars and championing the S tier are dead.


Yes I remember that last scathing post by RC against Rokchik and she was never seen again. I think they had offline drama, though. She was in ATL like RC, if I remember right. What happened to RC though? I remember meeting him at Final Round in ATL and he actually pulled me in for a hug lol. RC not above showing love to those low tier SRK peeps in person.


RoninChaos is the best. He was one of the first srk peeps I met irl.


to be specific Mycah Leonhart had the kyo winner portrait pose from kof 2000 it was like about the size of 2 vanilla avs at least I envied that av, how did he do that?!

i didn’t know he was this legendary back in those days I avoided GD like the plague, I missed on a lot of stuff.


So I think the forum in one of its many reformats back in the day got rid of old dinosaur large avatars. But I THINK if a poster’s avatar still worked with the then-new SRK format, and they didn’t change it, they kept while the rest of us had the smaller avs. He wasn’t the only one with a large avatar. I think Lantis had a huge avatar of a Bleach character but I could be mixing him up with someone else.

SA.M was the creator of “YOU WANT PAIN?! AEGIS REFLECTOR!”, which I never understood but I think he also came up with Aegis Reflector at the bottom of stares which I enjoyed. Ronin Chaos was all about, “Throw that bitch down some stairs” and posters LOVED that shit and echoed it in many many posts on here.


I remember lantis but I don’t remember his av being that huge

didn’t he just had a premium members av


RC’s iStairs ava was pretty fuckin’ boss.