SRK History Records Posters of ages past



There have been some pretty cool secret santas over time… don’t remember that. We get software at a steep discount, but usually not much of a discount on hardware. Then again I’m usually a beta tester soooo who even knows. :confused:


Who was it then?

I remember it was one of the better off, nicer cats on here.

Considering that was maybe a list of 4 guys on here over the years, I guess my mind went immediately the nicest guy award winner.

Who did Mystic scam that 360 from?

Damn… can’t believe I actually forgot some minutiae over the years.


TIS women madness tournaments

Image forums : STA / alphaflex’s wife (DAT BOOTY)

SRK prince of masturbation contests


I was a member here years ago when building sticks was something I wanted to experience, had a few posts about custom sticks and what have you. I had to re-register, I do see however that all the sticks made it to a joystick vault. Good to see the Birdo stuff from back in the day. What exactly happened here? New ownership, new servers? I didn’t post all that much so no big loss, just curious. I came back again for more stick work, mainly modding. So much good tech today!


McRibs went up $0.05 in price.

Steel Blue and Animated avatars were lost.

It was like the loss of all the meta after Metaphysics combined.

Many Bothans died, too.

But fuck them.

Or butt fuck them, if Boel.


I still remember CharlieOwnsYou having the most epic defense of Gumby vs anyone in the versus threads on old SRK. IIRC the flame wars became so intense that they banned versus threads because of this.


heh I tended to enjoy cisco because I like shit
heh Carpet Lint is one of my favorite posters which also includes:
calf agent
jew quiche

Bleet did fuck secret santa at some point, for a pretty decent hit
kaneblueriver got like a ps3 and 360 for ss one year, and sold it all


Can’t forget about Nando posting pics of his gf, and his post style in general, which was hilarious.


As a Chun-Li player in 3rd Strike, I miss that avatar so much.


I never liked the iAvatars or the aye aye bay bay avatars/titles


Metal Gear Kalashaska awaits you mortals



Lol I forgot which ones I always played, I just hit all the god shots.



I went ahead and Googled it.

It was quiche.

AND Las Vegas Pimp.

Bleet scammed BOTH the GD SS AND the Prem one.

Mystic’s hustle was dirtier than an AC+ Millia with actual reads.

Dunno why on Earth I would conflate you with quiche.

Oh, wait… that’s right.

He too, was a really nice guy.

09 really was the end of an era :confused:


The only time I know that I was scammed was I think 08 when somebody was pretending to be RainKhan needing money to get him out of trouble in Europe. Turns out it was not him, just somebody that had stolen his identity. I got played. Oh well.


09 was when the “black until proven otherwise” era ended here


WOW! who is this great poster? i mean if i didn’t know any better, i’d say this poster was a loser who created an alt account just to praise himself, because he sucks and fails at life. PS: god is imaginary you little bitch

reminds me of another poster on here who claimed to be good at mvc1 (something like kdmarvel or knight or something?) and had multiple fake accounts praising him, until dasrik exposed him


haha I remember asking for downvotes for that sick red bar.
Back when my username was FATAL.

Had that sick Sabretooth avatar… Bring back animated avatars!


Dasrik said some pretty reprehensible things but seeing how he lived and how he went out was pretty rough.


Brodin I always remembered the evil squid av, i think that was you


Damn…muhfuckas coming out the woodwork. Cisco still salty as fuck. Lovin it like a fuckin mcrib.