SRK History Records Posters of ages past


Yo… This one?


hahahha yes


I really, really miss my animated Souther iCare avatar by lolerskates/Aria.

I rather miss his posting here, too.

Dude knew EXACTLY what I wanted.

I made @“Missing Person” his MvC3 Timothy H. avatar #TrollHallHawk as a way of paying it forward.


just testing to see how old my account is


how come some of you old mans dont have the og tag, how does it determine


Should be auto pre-2004 or something.
But Stabby has to max out his meter… It’s only at 3 bars.


It should be automatically applied to anyone who has been here for 13 years. I can also manually apply it to fix up anyone the system forgets. I would have fixed it up earlier for the people that have posted in here, but Vanilla added a new password prompt when changing people’s Ranks, and fuck if I remember my passwords - that’s what autocomplete is for. Fixed tho.

Anybody else who qualifies and wants it updated can PM me. Only for people here 13 years, though. If your account got reset somewhere along the way, you’re potentially eligible for the Former OG tag - also PM me if you care.


I’m legit OG af.


My original account is from 2001. Can I have og status if don’t have access to that account. :slight_smile:


Stuart Hayden is just a myth no such account existed.


I just want the “women < stairs” era back.

Get in to an argument with your girl… “walk with me”.


Ain’t no Miz in here…


who was the most petulant/generally hatin for the longest period of time



Spoken like an OG mafia nigga. :coffee:


I think I win for the fact people made parody twitters and accounts of me. No one else came close to that level. Also when I got banned from SRK there was a huge backlash and people asked for me to be unbanned so wiz banned them or gave them infractions in kind.

It was wild.


Paper Telephones in old IMM :’)


You were an absolute MASTER of getting underneath sensitive cats’ skins.

goody’s trolling went under the tards’ radar, a large part of the time… which I think was deliberate because he enjoyed it doubly that way.

PGorath wins the hater crown though.

Dude’s hate was raw and pure, with blinders on.


Lol PGorath getting mad because I won biggest hater.


Yezzer. Mafia is a way of life now. You should try it brother.

Any time some one does something suspect like screw up your order, let em know they have your vote next day phase.


I offered to it Bious but, if you guys wanna do another mafia game inside GD, let me know and I’ll pin the thread for you guys.