SRK History Records Posters of ages past


Fuck yes.

“I’m sorry, your order won’t be ready for an hour.”

“YOU HAVE NO IDEA THE POWER I WIELD. But I’m totes not roleclaiming.”

“Sir, you’re scaring me. I’m calling the cops.”


I’m supposed to run one soon as proving grounds. As in i was supposed to do it in June. I guess I can put it up soon. Let me get through next week and design the roles and we’ll run it here.


Can we combine this thread and the “SRK Nostalgia” thread?


Only when we can combine the fifteen inane threads you made that only you post in. :coffee:


Boel gets all the threads he wants.

Up yo butt.

Act like you know.*

*You know you know.


You should do one with the alien idea I posted on JTM


I was thinking of SFV themed with Arcade Edition around the corner.

But it depends on the hype for the theme I guess.


That avatar was the fetus of God for me. Seriously, that was fun as hell to rock.


For the record, I never had a Bleach avatar (never even read the manga or seen the anime), my shit back in the day was rockin WWE/fighting game avatars (my 2 biggest passions). Man, I miss OrangeCat. That guy was really talented in making some good ass avatars.

Man, now that I’m getting married, I wonder what’s up with the other SRK members who tied the knot and vanished. Especially Azrael-sama and his Chinegro experiments LMAO.


So we all have to pay you fight money to vote, but there’s no wolves and in the end, everyone gets lynched?


Make the Players the town’s folk.

Capcom already is the villain, after all.

Make it true the game:

Town’s folk:

Vig: Can target one opponent a night. Chance of getting a connection 50%. Chance of connection not falling before bullet connects: 50%.

Medic: 25% chance to protect target. If protection is successful, must make saving role not to bought off. If bought off, has 25% chance to bankrupt/kill random townie.

Investigator: 100% infallible. 75% chance to rage quit if successful, 25% chance to turn into Po Pimpus.


Godfather: Oh no!
Traitor: Combofiend
Random Mafia: FGD


Take your Mafia shit out of this gdlk thread.


Are we gonna have coaches for Proving Grounds or just a Loser’s Lounge? Also PG will(/should) be pretty vanilla, but I can imagine a Mafia game where you get Fight Money for doing things like being on the lynch wagon of a Mafioso that you can use to buy powers like immunity for a day and a Vigi bullet. We can save that for Ultra Street Fighter 5: Turbo Championship Edition.


Maybe it was Smooth or someone with a name like that that had that giant av. We really should get someone dedicated to “cataloging” the old school members and incidents and making it a sticky. It could be alphabetized and bored new members or veterans could go read the history that was SRK in the olden days.


I don’t think they’ll ever bring back SRK 2k-2k1 GD for people to read. That era was not for the faint of heart.

We would torment Akumachan just to test the ban-able offense limits.

Start every thread post with EARTH to attempt to summon Captain Planet.

I wish we could get a real count of how many people we ran off when they tried to introduce themselves to the forum.

RIP original SRK GD.


It was still a bloodbath back in 03, when I finally pressed that join button.

It didn’t really get tame until towards the latter half of 08, towards the approach of 09.

And the 09ers still cried tears to wash off the other bodily fluids.


For the record, muff daddy was the one eith the Bleach Av. The big ass one from that capt that had that closed eyes look. Gin.


I miss avatars in general. This Facebook “profile picture” shit can fuck off.


What has really killed me is the fact that I uploaded all images with imageshack back in the day, so they are all lost to the aether


yall remember that awesome site called tagmonkey? Back then in 2002 or so, people actually cared how awesome their avs would be and tagmonkey had some of the nicest/coolest people who would do that for you. I recall we used to have a section similar to that over here and i forgot the two posters who did a good job at that.
Most of the MVC2 based ones where the ones that attracted me the most.

In regards to posters of the past.

Who was the guy who would post stick figure animations of him killing posters he had heat with? That guy was hilarious.

There was also Magnetix, whose story always involved him showing his cock to someone not knowing it’s gay. His very first thread was unintentional, he told some story in his life and everyone started saying that what he did was gay. One of the funniest threads ever on this site.

Then there was Viscant with fleshlight, Rsigley on cooking squirrels, Serpent starting shit with the people at the cosplay thread, and Orangecat. I recall a few years back in where everyone thought OrangeCat was dead so nearly everyone went to some random forum full of e-thugs.

We used to have a lot of the MVC2 pros from Wong to ClockwOrk post regularly around the FGD, It was awesome to chat strats with the top players of that time. In fact, If i’m not mistaken, Soomighty was the first one who sarted the very first religion thread… or made the first popular one.


Damn, do I miss Serpent spitting straight fiyah at fools.

The best part of that Viscant Flesh Light thread, was how utter self-depricating Jay was about it.

He was all qua-scientific method, “Now then, I have an average at best length, thin penis… here’s what the Flesh Light did for me”.

That shit was pure gold.


Was Vicant’s flesh light thread before or after his showdown with LowTierGod?

I remember there was a second thread about him teaching Serpent to use the fleshlight since they were roomies.