SRK History Records Posters of ages past


LowTier_InsertQuarterInchFartherPleaseMrJay was a recent stomping.

The flesh light thread is legend.


it begins as an upgrade from him masturbating from a microwaved banana peel.

Also viscant banged nessa

Also I love the man, he is probably my favorite american player but:

  1. when he won evo he looked about 10000 years old
  2. the boy can’t talk shit worth a dime, he still had too much inferiority beaten up kid emotion in his voice after bodying ltg
  3. I took a picture of his bald spot one time but don’t have it anymore


KDCMarvel…I can’t be the only one who remembers that exposé


No Fap November…those were troubling times.


Oh yeah, forgot all about those gay “Prince of Masturbation” dudes lol


Old SRK things I remember include: the old blue layout, the APEX ranking system, the April 1st MVC3 screenshot, Premium Membership and animated 160x64 avatars.


yo whats good


Wasn’t KDCMarvel BlackHayato? I remember hearing that because i was there live when Jwong destroyed him with Jill/Ruby/Ken in MVC2.


Too bad 2009 killed $RKGD


My favorite SRK memories in no particular order:

Pretty much anything related to Bloofy
The Frankie, Sexy Zeldie, Yushiro fiasco
Zor Vs RandomNigga
RC Vs Rokchik
Wheelchair Hotties
The roasting of Sir Wilson
The toddler in septic tank thread (there was some godlike flaming in that thread)
The Gaia Invasion (props to colguile)

And I’m going WAY back with these two:

When everyone from migrated here

When Shin Chuji / Strongrrr died


No, KDCMarvel was the mythical Dhalsim player who would destroy anyone in Marvel. The exposé behind him is probably the greatest in fgc history, where, iirc, wiz and the cannons pulled ip logs and correlated them to someone using an alt account to talk trash. It was a thing of beauty. This was before the crash so I doubt any record of it exists anymore :frowning:

It’s so weird that I seem to be the only one who remembers this lol.


LOL. Now i remember. The guy made countless threads and almost got people believing Dhalsim was god tier. Although i did end up playing Sent/Storm/Sim because of him, it was actually fun. Him and blackheart where one of my most fun teams.


The crazy story thread was greatness way back


09ers and Dr B


Signed up here in 2002 back when game was dying. I remember having to order Evo DVDs (black bars all over the screens from recording off crts) and the elusive bang the machine screenings. Also getting on IRC during tournaments to get live updates from the players.


look at my response to cisco in this thread

i didn’t remember the name i thought it was kdmarvel but close enough


What happened to @“WARNA BROTHER” ?


Someone forgot to warn him.


I remember that his avs always got me :rofl:
He was chill as fuck.


Counterpoint time: :wink:

Def top 3 favorite all time Murikan players to me.

I remember Neesa talking back in the day about how she has a huge vajayjay. Like, and I quote, “Is it in?” to her HS Korean BF. Coupled with the finer points of the Fleshlight thread, that’s odd as all lel.

  1. Still kind of Nowi lookin’ for his age, doe. The vest didn’t help.

  2. He was shaking too hard from the adrenaline and rage to freeform. Prolly downbacking all his melanin for burst damage on an irl whiff.

  3. Was there ever a time in the annals of SRK that you only had a bald spot, Evah-Slaw?