SRK History Records Posters of ages past


Triforce vs Team Hate was a classic too lol


No man this was Nessa, a crazy cosplayer that slashed his tires back i nthe day, and he drunkenly admitted that he did it, it is somewhere in the srkgd quotes thread




Okay then.

Was that the Aeris Cosplayer?


FUCK rcadio.

Fuck any man with an actual HNK cab in his Man Cave. :mad:

…dude even has an Asian wife, who works AND cooks for him.


Lucky bastard.

On all counts.

Also also:

Holy fucking shit, LMMFAO - I’d forgotten about the wooden dildo your SS gave to you.

That picture is pure archival gold.


Haha it was rcaibro the realest bro

Haha my wife refused the wooden dick travel with me :confused: , it chills at a friend’s house now


Found the irc shame album


I remember Prem forums had a rock friend that we would ship around the US showing off the local sights. Wasn’t there a thread where someone made up some stuff on banging a chick, got called out and ended up on some members list? Old SRK was good times all around.


I posted at gamecombos quite a bit back around 2000-2002, when it had that gray and orange layout.


Yes! That guy! The day he got exposed was the greatest. I can’t remember the guy who used that as an alternate account though. All I remember is that he would also use his main account to hype up kdcmarvel.


You’re thinking of the Son Them All saga. Niggas (VSlash?) A pic of his alleged gf to a random chick’s Myspace, contacted her and then all sorts of great shenanigans transpired

…that thread also led directly to alfaphlex posting pics of his wife/gf holding funny signs shitting on STA.


ohman Vslash was such a wonderful man

he is now bald and draws stuff and is old as hell

vslash’s best contribution to anything ever was the NBA fun league, which was actually the most srs league I was ever in , to the point that @“jae hoon” had to put me in as a cheerleader on his team as I was warranted too stupid to have my own


Alfaplhex’s wife :sweat:


You did get your own team the year after and yeah it did not go well, trading and micromanaging not your strong suit.


Yo do any of y’all remember when somebody posted an audio clip of them giving SRK a shout out while fucking? It was around when I first joined so like '03-04. I thought of it randomly the other day and started cracking up.

Dude said either “hadouken” or “shoryuken” and quickly said “SRK SRK”, I vaguely recall shorty being like “huh?” on the audio as well.


There was also another guy named ShadedWolf. That kid was a fuckin e-thug prick who i hope got slapped in real life.


Holy shit.

I remember that.

Cramping from cringing while laughing is an actual thing.


Yo, you guys remember The Rock? That was the best online gimmick i’ve ever seen, even till today.

I recall his whole Dating Q&A thread and that shit was hilarious. It was like the Rock was actually posting. Who the hell was that guy?


Randomnigga/adamwarlok was the best. Guy was hilarious. What happened to him? How do u get an OG tag?


Yeah i remember that as well man the stuff i go thru popping in my brain is 90% SRK stuff from the past that i only i have a insight with. Baby armor and Broken Batman Prep Time with a mix of SRK Neg Bombs.


Prep Time Batman canonically could beat Allah and Jesus Christ, according to O. SRK.

And that second page Positive Rep = Spirit Bombs of Neg.


People tend to forget she’s not actually asian too.