SRK Hoodies Front Design Poll

Could a mod close this poll now? It’s pretty much done and over with at this point. =)

  1. Dragon

  1. SRK Rep Bars

  1. SRK Post Count Shields

  1. Old School 6 Buttons
  1. Poppin’ Fresh SRK

  1. Small SRK w/shoryuken

  1. Small SRK in Japanese

  1. Large SRK w/o shoryuken

  1. Small SRK w/o shoryuken

  1. Large SRK w/ shoryuken

Dragon, RAWR… dood!

numba 10 fo tha win!

I voted for # 10. It was tough one because I also Liked that “Poppin Fresh” one. Im hyped about these hoodies. Can’t wait to rep this shit in Gainsville, dawgs!

6 though 10 is good.
2 and 3 are the worst ideas ever.

#7-SRK in Japanese

Whoever came up with / voted for #1 should get shot.

#6 if teh SRK could be a little larger, kinda like how big it is in #1

also is it set to be a zip hoodie?

#10 would be cool on a pullover, but the zipper kills it for me

#10. And hopefully not with japanese on the back.

I went with 9, but if its a pullover, 10 would be awesome. Same as Difoj said, the zipper cutting through it for me wouldn’t look so hot.

i would say 5 6 or 10 all the others look wack

Dragon…but with a silhouette of Ryu doing a shoryuken instead if possible. (See Penny Arcade shirt for example?)

Dragon. Most def.

1 or 10

10 :slight_smile:

#10 pull over, if #9 not.

Hell no to #1. Dunno who still sports dragons on there clothing. That shit may have been cool in like 2000 when people were wearing DBZ button ups, but played out YEARS ago.

Im only feelin 6 an 7… definitely pull overs please an good material cause I don’t like the cheesy cheap stuff… trust me i have a lot of pull overs…

not possible Wiz asked capcom if we could use their images and they said no :rolleyes:

pullovers. zipups break too much.

edit: 6 or 9. more likely 6.

I voted for 10 becuase it was the only one competing against 1