Srk i got a problem

Ok so i just got off the phone with my real good friend who was crying because her wallet got stolen. She had all her rent money in her wallet, her social security, ID, pretty much everything. Shes had it pretty rough this year too, she’s been hospitalized about 3 times this year, I was wondering whats your guys feedback on how i could help her, her rent it $400 but i just don’t have that kind of money to give her, so what should I do srk?

Time to trick?

Let her move into your place until she can get things together.

Or maybe she could work something out with her landlord. Some kind of late payment with extra fees and interest.

Or if she’s big in the fighting game scene, then you can open up a PayPal account for donations and the good people of SRK will come to the rescue.

Tricking means to do the prostitute thing. She can find weird people with strange fetishes on craigslist and perform sexual acts with them for money. It doesn’t have to be sexual intercourse; she could do stuff like pee on some guy or let guys suck on her toes. I don’t know if your friend is willing to take this route though.

Are you sure she doesn’t have family that can lend her money? Maybe she can sell her possessions for some quick cash.

well her family lives in florida now, and theyre tight on money as well, and for some reason her old job doesn’t rehire employees, i would have her move in but i live with my family, and i know before ive collected donations for a memorial from srk, but i don’t want to hit up srk for money, because then people start assuming its for me, but if you guys do want to help out a little my paypal is but yeah, i just feel so helpless right now, she so depressed, i just want to help her get back on her feet

Give her some advice: use direct deposit. :tup:

i know right? but i feel so bad, i just told her to go to bed because shes exhausted from all the crying, she kept beating herself up, and i told her that its not gonna bring her wallet back

She’s not going to improve her situation by crying. She can be as sad as she wants, and it’s not going to get her anywhere. What’s her vision? What’s the best possible thing she can do?

I’d bet she’s not using direct deposit because she’s broke as a fucking joke and they’d dock her paycheck or otherwise redirect it to outstanding debts. I’ve got a used-to-be-friend with this problem: she used the temporary checkcashing places, all of that.

You know what I did when I was shit broke while working three jobs? I slept in the cardboard boxes behind WWU’s library for a couple weeks, moved back in with my parents, joined the military, and worked a temporary job moving furniture while military paperwork was in process. Then the people at the temp facility noticed I worked my ass off. They gave me better jobs and had me around the office. They noticed I was good at computers, so they hooked me up with a temp job at Sierra Online. That led to Microsoft: instead of joining the military in January as the cap to a fucked up year, I was at Microsoft in November. O_o

No real moral there. My used-to-be-friend calls every month or so asking for help because she doesn’t have any vision/plan. My only vision was that I was damned glad to be alive still (still am!) and I’d act like it.

That’s my advice. Want to live? Act like it. Want to die? Make plans for that too. Commit, one way or the other. Come to grips with your reality. Chances are you want to live: act like it. =\

Ooh good post Preppy.

SRK is getting too charitable with these donations. Guys dying, chronically I’ll etc, that’s fair play. But a friend of a poster is broke and got mugged carrying cash she shouldn’t have? Just fucking work and get money.

P.S post pics

Electrical above me beat me to it… Pix!?

No seriously…Is this a girl worth trying to sleep with? And I mean that in the most harmless,non-offensive and truthful way. I would totally invite her to stay with me if I was interested. But it can’t be permanent. Or I would just loan her the money… I have 400 dollars to let someone borrow. Albeit I’m probably luckier than most, but I think a lot of people could manage that.

Okay she was upset… What are YOU prepared to do about it (besides come to SRK and ask for money :facepalm:)?

Doesn’t sound like you’re the one who has the problem to me.

honestly, shit happens. Learn from this experience and move on. We all have our sad stories, it’s just a matter of how we deal with them and what we learn from them so this shit wont happen later on. Money can always be made back, but time cannot.

Preppy… you are my hero sir… my hero.


Oh… an tell old girl to come up with 200. Walk into the rental office and let them know… She will be hit wit a late fee but its something to hold her over. She officially has 30 days regardless.

thanks guys

Who carries around their rent money? And their Social Security Card? Really? Because you use that on a daily basis.

:-/ Best she can do is tell her landlord up front. Nothing worse than not communicating.

yeah, I asked why did she have her ss card with her and she said that she had a job interview that day so she took it with her, but apparently it slipped her mind to take it out, I really appreciate all your guys feedback on my friends situation

topless dealing or waitressing at poker clubs. my ex used to do it, she made a killing. She worked in tandum with this hoe that gave bjs in the back room, they used to clean up.

Funny you meantion that.

I remember about 8+ years ago, I was lementing on SRK (the one and only time I have) about my horrible condition: I couldn’t find a job after months of searching and I was living off of Taco Bell packets and a lone (and dwindling) jar of peanut butter. I was also bumming in my friends apartment (which was starting to piss them off).

Green Trench Coat offered to send me money so I can go back home, but I declined. I just couldn’t imagine taking a handout from people I havn’t even met face-to-face.

Now look at SRK: asking for handouts has nearly became a trend.

Why was she in the hospital? Is she not working right now? They can’t give her an advance? She can’t get an advance from one of those check cashing places? Why won’t HER family help her out? Are drugs involved anywhere in her life?

I have no sympathy. Broad should not carry around that much cash with her, it should be in a bank account.

fucking hell this is SRK

it used to be no pics no advice >_<