SRK: I need your help for a dating website profile


Guys, I’m gona register on a dating website. I have no intention to make this anything serious because frankly I don’t give a shit about a bitch. I don’t know which website, could be anything but mainstream only.

I will not write anything personal, I will base everything on feedback I get from this thread and put that up in my ad. Including pics (as long as they are compliant with the website rules).

Any weird suggestions welcome. If I get game with a bitch I will share it with SRK. If SRK then says to send a pic with a balltop up my ass I will do so, or atleast endeavour to do so.

Please no illegal or too painful stuff. If things get out of hand or too serious, I’ll be gone with the swiftness.



I’ll write the damn thing for you if you stick the whole joystick in your ass and hit the flash.


Totally knew that PapaRhino’s eyes would light up with that joystick reference.


I’ll do it, providing I can get to that level with a bitch.


just use a picture of some roided out dude and they will flock to your profile page. wut i don’t get is how do u expect to meet hoes with a fake pic?


Buy me a pretty dress and a JLF and you’ve got a deal.


Make your screen name “Brutal Murderer”.
If you aren’t black, get a lot of black skin paint, paint yourself dark, except for your face, which should be white with juggalo paint.
Stuff your crotch with a irregular shaped pillow or a large teddy bear.
Say you are looking for a woman who won’t look at your abnormally large penis as a sex object, as the localized elephantiasis makes it practically useless.
State you’re looking for a tiny Asian with nimble hands (sewing background preferred) who is not squeamish and is willing to be your handmaid when it comes to relieving yourself and washing your massive underside.
Mention your criminal record.


Fuck, I think this dudes just cruisin’ for an excuse to shove an arcade stick up his bunger and post the pictures here.

Yo dog, just give PR what he wants then get the fuck outa here.


I think this is a bizarro mesh of trolling and an actual profile.

As the first to give a “real suggestion” I say that you should say you spent time in jail… for… oooooh let’s say joyriding. Nothing too crazy to scare people off, but just wild enough to attract someone who wants a badboy.


OK I’ll do it. But Brutal Murderer as a name is gona stop me from building rapport with those bitches. I can do the rest though, just gotta find cheap body paint and a teddybear.


If your screen name kills your game it means you never had any to start with. Just be you. Better yet, be you on


There is a Relationship/Dating thread right above this one. Well, from what I checked.


Dramatix the relationship thread is a serious thread. I will not soil it. Unlike you. So shut the fuck up.

Kromo I’m working on the bodypaint thing, I’ll post up when done


Excellent. Please ensure you do adequate research on insane clown posse juggalo make up. Hire a professional if necessary.


This threaad has been won, because of bunger.


Just say your Nathan Explosion.


This reminds me of one of the best trolls of all time that made that thread where he joined random sites and offered the girls to draw pictures of them. You can imagine how that worked out. :rofl:

This thread sucks by the way. A good troll should be capable of independent trolling.


My, aren’t we a little pissy? I was just pointing it out, just thought it’ll help you.