SRK I need your help


This is hard to admit but I suck at fighting games. For the time that I have put into them and the level I am at I have to be the worst player by far. The thing is I am generally very good at other things I do. I have played professional Magic cards, I usually win at Poker with my friends. I was one of the best baseball players in the club as a kid, and got good grades. The only thing in my life I was never good at no matter how hard I tried was Soccer. Now that I have admitted to myself I am plateauing at a very low level with fighting games I am thinking about quiting for good. I am really good at other types of games like puzzles and RPG’s just not this. My brain can’t keep up with the match in real time while pressing buttons. I always am a step behind even my friends that don’t know anything about competitive play. I can to things like complete the Marvel trials and understand resets, overheads, mind games and I can see them watching a match. I just cant apply them during a match no matter how hard I try. When I practice it’s for hours at a time, and have a small notebook of tricks. So I am trying pretty hard and have been for about 7 years now on and off with different fighting games.

I have bought fightsticks, different 2d, 3d games in the past and every time its the same thing. Usually I still have fun but right now I am not having fun playing them anymore and I just want some honest advise from the best place I know to get it. I know I can’t be good at everything but I am so bad its frustrating when I try so hard.

Anyway if you read that all thank you. I don’t really know where to get advise from so I would like to hear what anyone has to say. I know its just a hobby but I am feeling really down about it right now.


Well RPG’s and puzzles don’t really take too much skill, all those type of games take is time. In a real match when someone is on the offensive against you, there is no " hold on let me think for a few minutes or i’m under leveled and should go back and level up if i want to beat this boss." Not really much advice i can give besides just practicing and not going into autopilot mode, let’s see what the others say. o_O


I would completely disagree 100% that Puzzle games and RPG’s take no skill. To make myself a little more clear I can beat my same friends in any type of Pvp game, Shooting games like Halo or a puzzle like Tetris attack with an almost certainty. I can play everything I do at a high competitive level except fighters and honestly fighters are the only thing I really try at and have a passion for. Why can I double shot in Halo2 and play that at a blazing speed but i cant even beat computers consistently in fighters?

I am just reaching for some magical advise that would fix my total mind block. I am smart, and have technical ability so I don’t understand why I can’t level up in this but I can in so many other things.

Has anyone ever had something they were just really bad at but wanted to be good? How did you over come it?


I think everyone does.

… at least at one point in time, anyway.

You’ll need to reduce your stack.

When you’re having trouble in games, your first response should be, “back to basics”. You must learn the fundamentals of the game (sometimes easier said than done, as it can be hard to quickly find information at times!) and then focus entirely on it.

When it comes to fighters, the general expectation is that- to win, you must focus on your opponent. But- if you are having trouble, you have to focus on fundamentals first- which means you are not focusing on your opponent, which means you will lose all throughout the time you are trying to improve yourself.

As BrolyLegs said, “Do what you can do”. If you’re not good at special-move anti-air, just use an anti-air button. If you can’t punish with 1-frame link combos, use 2-frame link combos, or use a throw.
If you can only do magic series easily, then just use that (for now).

Baby steps. Learn to walk before you start running. If you play “correctly” and execute without error, it should mean more to you (at least in the beginning) than winning.

A computer is just useful as a moving training dummy. Always assume that a loss to the computer means nothing, because the computer can read your inputs and react instantaneously, something humans can never do. Computers won’t react to pressure or tense situations, and they’ll punish with exact precision because they’re the next best thing to psychic.

Learn to beat humans, not computers. The computer is there to help you work on parts of your game that you’ll use to beat humans.


One of the things that’s really sunk in with me recently is how important it is, in whatever game you play, to stop your opponents from doing whatever they feel like. You can do this by diluting the game to its very core and learning essential basics before learning any high level stuff, any optimal combos, resets, or tricky setups. And you can continue working on your basics and start integrating your other stuff into the game as you continue to play.

Its important because once you fully understand the basics of whatever game you’re playing, you’ll begin to understand what the hell your opponents are doing and if they’re properly assessing their actions or just throwing shit out there. If they’re just throwing shit out without proper understanding of the basic mechanics, you need to be able to constantly punish them until they stop or you beat them.