SRK Inaugural Arena: Hunger Games - Bious Wins!


In Short, 12 people enter the arena. Each turn, you get 1 action: Attack, Defend, Scavenge. You have to gather whatever items you can to make yourself stronger, and kill all of the other opponents and be the last one standing.

Items are limited, so you’re competing for resources against your opponents.

Do you have what it takes to be the last man standing?

(More Detailed Rules)

Players may take 1 action per turn. They PM that action to the game master, who will update the game every 24 hours based on those actions.

Player Actions:

  1. Attack. You may attack a character, dealing your attack damage to them.

  2. Defend. You defend yourself, doubling your defense value for this turn. Or target another player, and add your defense value to theirs for this turn.

  3. Scavenge. You attempt to grab some equipment from the equipment list. If multiple people attempt to grab the same item, only 1 will receive it (chosen randomly)

All actions are resolved at the same time. If a character takes combined damage more than their defense value on a single turn, they are killed and removed from the game.

The last player left alive (if any) wins the game.

All players will be assigned a character. This character will have a secret special ability that is not revealed until their death, but can have an effect on the game. Those in the Sponsors Lounge will be able to see every bodies abilities.

Arena Hazards:
The arena will be themed, and have hazards in them. These hazards and their order will be selected before the game starts, but kept secret. At the end of a phase, if the arena hazards have any effect on the game, it will be shared with the players. This hazard will affect the next phase.

Before the game starts, people can sign up to be sponsors. They will be given 1 credit to spend. They may spend these credits to help players currently in the game. Credits unspent will carry over to future games.

The list of available items/bonuses that can be bought with credits will vary from game to game, and will be posted in the LL but kept secret from the players.

Scavenge-able Equipment
Equipment may be scavenged during a players turn, but each item can only be owned by 1 player at a time. If multiple players attempt to scavenge the same piece of equipment on the same turn, one will be chosen (at random) to receive the item, and the other players end up with nothing.

When a player dies, his items become scavenge-able again.

The actual equipment list of items that will be available is kept secret until the game starts, as it varies from arena to arena and is up to the game master. Here is a sample list of items, so that you can have an idea of what to expect to see.


Phases will last 24 hours. You have 24 hours to PM your action for the day, and the Game Master write up will reflect all actions of all players, and then mention what (if any) the arena hazard for the next round is. The game will last as many phases as necessary, until only 1 person is left alive.

All communication between players must be kept in the thread. There is to be no PMing other players. Editing is allowed. Non-Players (i.e. Sponsors) must not communicate in the game thread. The game thread is only for players to talk among themselves.

Sample Actions:

Current Players:

District 1) Bious**** OUR WINNER!
District 2) Sumazndude Day 5 Kill, by JasonC with Green Dragon Assist
District 3) Vynce Day 2 kill, by XthAtGAm3RGuYX
District 4) Skizzz Day 5 Kill by Sumazndude
District 5) XthAtGAm3RGuYX Day 6 kill by Dragons
District 6) JasonC Day 6 kill by XthAtGam3RGuYX
District 7) Augustus Day 3 kill, by JasonC
District 8) Angelpalm Day 7 disqualification for being a cheating bitch
District 9) Pietastic Day 4 kill, JasonC with assist from Insects
District 10) Orochizoolander Day 7 kill by Bious with Angelpalm reflect assist
District 11) GodotsRevenge Day 3 Kill, by Orochizoolander, Skizzz, and Augustus
District 12) Synonym Day 4 kill, JasonC with assist from Insects

SRK Inaugural Arena: Hunger Games sign-ups thread (rules for new game inside)

The entrants are shuffled into a small elevator shaft by their handlers, and the door slams shut. Even though it is glass, the deafening silence isolates them in an instant.

**Pietastic **looked up the shaft, and saw a small beam of light outside. “Daytime,” he thought. “Good.”

**Orochizoolander **fiddled with a pin tied to his lapel. It was a pin worn by his cousin 3 years ago, when he died. Perhaps it will bring him great luck… then again, it didn’t do much good for his cousin. He sighed. He knew people were going to be gunning for him, his silence at the ceremonies was going to make people not trust him. Perhaps that wasn’t the best idea.

**XthAtGam3RGuYX **zipped up his jacket nervously. “Well, if they’re gonna kill me, at least I’m gonna take somebody down with me.”

The countdown timer started. 10. 9.

**Augustus **closed his eyes to try and calm himself. But it was hard with the loud countdown, his heartbeat syncing along with the timer.

JasonC couldn’t control his quivering. He would give anything to be back at home, watching the hunger games on TV. He fought back tears… weakness would not be good here.

**Angelpalm **laughed as he cleaned his fingernails, almost oblivious to the proceedings. His mind was clearly not all there. He was just looking forward to the violence.

**Bious **smiled. “**Vynce **will Pay,” he thought. “I’ve been wanting to kill that bastard since I first laid eyes on him.” He pulled back his sleeve and looked down at his arm. ‘Vynce’ was carved with a blade, the blood dried now into scabs.

**Vynce **had an absolute concentrated look on his face. He hoped his pre-game allies would hold up.

Skizz tried to remember what he had been taught… he had his strategy all mapped out. He really hoped the arena had what he needed to win this thing. He would know any moment.

**Sumazndude **grit his teeth and cracked his knuckles. It was do or die time.

The elevator shafts thrust the contestants up, into blinding light. They were completely unable to see while their eyes adjusted.

In a moments time, they could see.

**GodotsRevenge **looked around for Synonym. Their eyes met, on opposite eyes of the arena. **GodotsRevenge **gave a nod, and was happy when **Synonym **returned one. He hoped his secret message had gotten through.

The lights stood red. Nobody was able to leave their pedistal until the light went green.

**GodotsRevenge **looked around… and the scenery was like nothing he had seen before. A Giant castle lie in the middle of the arena, surrounded by a moat. Draw bridges were on all 4 sides of the castle, leading to a courtyard full of glistening items. Weapons, armor, and more… all piled right in the center. He looked around. Smaller piles could be seen off to the edges, away from the bloodbath in the center. But he knew the choiceist items were going to be there in the center.

A large buzzer sounded.

“Welcome, to the Inagural SRK Hunger Games!” the loud voice of Pimp Willy boomed.

And the light went green.

Current Equipment:


Arena Effects for Phase 1:


Available Equipment:



Sharp Stick (hand), +1 Attack (Unlimited quantity of these, always a successful scavenge)
Short Sword (hand), +2 attack
Long Sword (hand), +3 attack
Battle Hammer (hand), +2 attack
Axe, (hand) +4 attack (-1 armor value to each piece of armor you wear)
Mace (hand), +2 attack (Break: If the enemy doesn’t die when you attack, destroy 1 random piece of their equipment)
Spear (hand), +2 attack (Retaliate: deals 2 damage to attackers)
Stun Gun (hand), +0 attack. Enemy has half armor during the next phase.
Whip (hand), +0 attack. Causes the targeted enemy to drop their weapon.
Handgun (hand), +2 attack (Ranged: you avoid damage while attacking, even if their item permits them to deal damage)
Repeating Crossbow (hand) +2 attack (Ranged: you avoid damage and effects while attacking, even if their item permits them to deal damage)
**Knife **(off-hand), +1 attack
Dagger (off-hand), +1 attack / +1 Defense
Baton (off-hand), +2 attack
Hammer (off-hand), +1 attack
Battle Axe (2 handed), +5 attack
Katana (2 handed), +5 attack
War Hammer (2 handed), +4 attack (Break: If the enemy doesn’t die when you attack, destroy 1 random piece of their equipment)
**Battle Staff **(2 handed), +2 attack / + 3 defense
Bow (2 handed), +3 attack (Ranged: you avoid damage and effects while attacking, even if their item permits them to use Retaliate)
M16 (2 handed), +4 attack (Ranged: you avoid damage and effects while attacking, even if their item permits them to use Retaliate)



**Trashcan Lid **(off-Hand), +1 Defense
Shield (off-hand), +2 Defense
Riot Shield (off-hand), +2 defense
**Spiked Shield **(off-hand) +1 attack, +2 defense (Retaliate: deals 1 damage to attackers)
**Tower Shield **(Hand), +4 defense
Leather Armor (Armor), +2 Defense
Studded Armor (Armor), +3 Defense
Fiery Armor (Armor), 1 Defense (Retaliate: Deals 2 damage to all attackers)
Body Armor (Armor), +3 defense (+2 extra vs ranged weapons)
Force Field (Armor), +3 defense (+2 extra vs non-ranged weapons)
Kevlar (Armor), +2 defense (+4 extra vs ranged weapons)
**Platemail **(Armor), +4 defense (-2 defense vs hammers)



**Brass Knuckles **- So long as your base attack is 0, you gain +2 attack.
Deadly Poison - Your swords, daggers, and axes have +1 attack
**Fire Arrows **- Your Bows and Crossbows have +1 attack
Hollow Points - your Handgun and M16 have +1 attack
Steroids - Your hammers have +2 attack
Reflex Amplifier - you have +4 armor while your Armor slot is empty
Medicine - When you die, this item is used up and you return to life
Net - When you defend, and are attacked, destroy this item. All of your attackers are snared and have half defense the next turn.
Research Report - When you get this item, you will have all of the abilities of the players revealed to you.
Flash Bang - Use during an attack against a target, instead of dealing damage. Destroy this item, and your target (and all players attacking your target) are blinded, causing them to deal half damage (rounded down) next turn.

Phase 1 Begins. Actions for Phase 1 are due in 24 hours, Saturday Feb 1st at 12:00 PST (noon).

Please PM your choice to the GM.


SRK Lounge: Ring in the reign of Edward Buttholehands


Let the Hunger Games begin


GL All, may the odds ever be in your favor






Willy I feel like you based my dialogue off some shit I said when we used to play GTA together lol. I wonder how many people go after the same item.


Gotta go back to get bikes from Grove Street, and blast our way out of there


So. What’s everybody scavenging? Hate to see anyone end up empty-handed. I think I might try for that battle staff.


I ain’t telling anybody what I scavenged. Somebody might contest in an attempt to fuck me out of a weapon.

I still have that bike. Never forget. Buster ass ballas.


I’m going to scavenge the Research Report and use that information to ensure my survival.


Knowledge means nothing if you don’t survive the second phase…


Uh, I wanted that actually.
Are we gonna have a fight?


Gamerguy: yeah, but I’m essentially a buffer in that case and people should want to keep me alive so I can help pick off the biggest threats. Keep in mind you can defend other people in this game.

@Bious: don’t even try it.


I mean I really did want it. Seriously. I want info on Vynce badly.


I’ll give it to you… for the right price.


Lynch bandit boys.


Or I can take a 50/50. You feeling lucky Pie?


I did promise myself I’d bring down at least one participant. Making yourself look like an easy target with absolutely no defenses. Just saying. Ill be nice at first though. Like you said, you could prove useful.


A silver parachute flutters in, beeping softly. It lands near Angelpalm.

**Angelpalm **received a message from a sponsor.