SRK Kaillera IRC Channel @ EFnet

Well, since I idle on IRC so much anyway, I figured I should start a SRK Kaillera channel to help with matchmaking etc. #srkkaillera

To get onto it, you need MIRC (, which is an extremely small download. You’ll want to connect to any EFnet server, and then join the channel #srkkaillera

If you want to join, and have any problems, just post here and i’ll try and help you out. Also, if anyone has a 24/7 connection (moosehead?)and is familiar with IRC, i’d need some help in holding onto ops.

See you there!

My computer is on pretty much 24/7 and i am wise in the ways of kaillera, i’ll do everything i can to support this.

irc is the place to be

#srkkaillera… all ops… all the time.

I’m in. :tup: