SRK Kara range article


The SRK 3s article on kara range shows Elena has a kara range of 22 while almost 2/3 of the cast has longer kara range than hers. Ex. hugo: 32. alex: 30. urien: 26. necro: 26. chunli: 26. oro:25 ryu/ken/akuma: 24.

This makes no sense to me since it feels like Elena’s kara throw is one of the longest.


those numbers are the characters normal throw ranges. nothing to do with kara throws at all.


anyone know where I can find the numeric kara throw range?
also I would like to know the order of the characters with the highest to the lowest throw range with kara.


EDIT: Oops, I thought that was the range.


there’s no definite kara throw range for each character since some character can kara more than one normal move into a throw and the ranges are all different. plus you get different ranges depending on how fast or slow you’re cancelling the normal into the throw.


I’m a bit confused… so you’re saying those numbers that appear in the column labeled “Kara Throw Range”… are not kara throw ranges?


That’s correct, the article is wrong on the chart. You can see the same numbers listed for regular throw ranges on all three sites with the frame data. (Zero’s, KaraThrow, and that other one :P)


i heard that ‘that other one’ site was teh ownage! :eek:


I would like to know the order of kara throw ranged ordered from highest to lowest.

so far I know, the top is Chunli & Elena.


What’s “that other one” you talk about?? I’ve only seen KaraThrow and Zero’s. Anything different or special about that other frame data site?


Alex has both the farthest and lowest range. towards+fierce moves him far and standing roundhouse moves him backwards.

That’s why you can’t really order karathrows since everybody has different kara distances for normals. i thought i made that clear.


It’s got some extra stuff that zero’s site doesn’t have, it has a listing of glitches and other random stuff. Anyway I don’t remember the link off the top of my head but I’ll post it when I get home.


have fun :slight_smile:


The top page is a little better :stuck_out_tongue: