SRK Logo


Hey, had some time to kill so I thought I’d try to make a new logo for SRK. It’s nothing much, just took some assets from past works and put them together real quick. Tell me what you think. I can improve from your comments later if I have time :).


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Notice how the arrows on the current logo go :dp:? It’s the Shoryuken (SRK) motion! The random :df: on your image doesn’t really make sense.


What the fuck is this…


He’s just updating the logo for the new kids since the DP motion now is :df::d: :df:.


It’s a SF4 DP


My bad!

Here’s an updated version:


Not bad at all :tup:. It’s more aesthetically pleasing to me than the current one. Send it to MrWizard and see if you get a response.




The current logo is fine. Just stop posting every fart Maximilian does on the front page and we are good to go.



ShoRyuKids And You


Good logo or not, it doesn’t belong in GD.