SRK Lounge 13 RockB used to be an actor, he made commercials under the name Mr. Six


True story.



Herp a derp


Fuck anchor linking. At least vBulletin did it right.


What’s the problem with Xenforo’s anchor linking?


:(Fuck you, frog.

Should we put this on whitewhine?


naw, that isn’t whitewhine at all, more of a legit complaint. imo.


I want George Takei to drive me somewhere, just so I can say, “Mr. Sulu… take us out!” as we’re leaving.

I can probably get away with this two or three times before he turns around and stabs me in the face with a fencing epee.


You mean before he stabs you in your ass with his dick.



He went there.


And now that I am more educated.

Thanks for liking my fucked up one too, Clint.


How is he supposed to stab me in the ass with his dick if I’m sitting in the backseat of a car and he’s up front in the driver’s seat? How is it even physically feasible? It doesn’t even make sense. It’s like a child who watches Urien’s Aegis Reflector combo on YouTube and says, “I woulda just parried the whole thing. Just like Daigo!” Kids don’t know what’s going on.

Besides, everybody knows that George Takei reserves ass rape for homophobic professional basketball players.


I’m older than you, shut up.
And he reserves for Shatner. We’ve all seen the roast.


good hussle sir.


Neither does niggas not recognizing some yuppie that can fly and is powered up by a sun while he is wearing his Ray-Bans and rocks an updo. But people still work with it. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY.



I cant read lips sir. Needs some IMPACT imo


Lemme guess, he says “Bazzinga”. Yay, because that joke wasn’t run into the ground by the show quicker than a joke on SRK.



They had something funny going on but like any show on tv, they ruined it by abusing it like a cheap whore. It was funny the first 2-3 times. Not the following 754 times.


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