SRK Lounge 14 Vancouver Riot Update: RockB Curbstomps an old Granny, her cat and her knit sweater

Keep it going.

RockB is a bad man

Go Canada!

barbaric canadians

Way to go, Vancouver.

Hockey fans need to control their sodium levels.

have you seen that movie (if you have netflix it’s on that instant) Time Barbarians?? that shit… it’s been on my list forever and i haven’t watched beyond the first 4%? terribly bad, from what i saw; however, with a name like time barbarians and the box art i simply can’t remove it.

edit: troma? ah, that explains that.

oh mans yeah troma, makers of the finest cinema, that also makes me think we see that lady’s tits at some point

probably do, but i just couldn’t bring myself to get anymore than 4% into the [S]film[/S] filth. the cover for the flick maintains excellence, though.

Boss is out of the state, so I decided it would be a good time to ditch work for a day. So I did.

I love the gif Boel used for his avatar. It only gets funnier as you watch it.

I won’t be able to get away with that one for a couple of years.

I was going to say something about it also…I sat there for like 3 minutes just staring at it…but I chalked it mostly up to the fact that I just smoked pot.

I’ve been there 11 years and I have like 16487264830926 hours of vacation racked up, so I don’t worry too much.

Where’s soviet? Did he died in the rioting?

val linked me the picture that why he lovin it so much

also sweet lib ditch work more often imo

i would love to be at home/not at work, however i am not that fortunate today. tomorrow is a half day, which really doesn’t count it’s almost like going to work for the whole day because i still have to get up and sleep at a ‘decent’ time.

Soviet lives about two thousand miles from where the riots happen. The idea of him dying as a result of it is wishful thinking. Albeit quite a pleasant one.

Hey, hey now!

That granny was once a trifling bitch, herself, y’know…

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this awfulness will become a strange source of pride for many people in vancouver

the vagaries of fate are interesting

well one can only hope eh?

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again:

All that… over sucking at horseless ice polo?

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