SRK Lounge 15 I heard RockB is to blame for the complex bar. PM him to let him know what you think

Keep it going. I believe we were talking about midgets (my favorite topic).

Perfect snack to wash down with Dr Pepper Cherry!

Drive to Target buy your Dr Pepper Cherry and drive back to your house in a 2011 Dodge Durango

Fucking ads. I’m done

The Dr Pepper add rarely shows up for me. I guess I’m lucky

postin so i dont gotta look for it

The worst add is the one under the sear bar. All the drop down menus get hidden behind it.

Years ago, some lady hit a guy with her vehicle. He was stuck in the windshield. She kept her ride in the garage and he slowly died.

I was thinking earlier about how that would have made for a great 80’s sit-com. All the wacky close-call scenarios like the building inspector stopping by or having the boss over for dinner.

then maybe a movie about it with mena suvari wearing corn rows

[INDENT=1]I’m a waste of breathable oxygen. I should go play in traffic.[/INDENT]

Oooh this coming from the dude who didn’t have the balls to get off the internet himself? bad move.

I’m with Soviet’s bosses: we need to be sensitive about the terms we use to refer to midgets’ babies.

Making fun of their height, tiny arms, and magical powers are still cool.

EDIT: Never mind. (“I’m annoyed by CLU2” stuff.)

Good bye Clu 2. That was 1) fucking low 2) fucking CREEPY you remembered that 3) your last post on SRK. Don’t make another account.

Look, fellas. No disrespect here, but I really think we need to focus more on fleshing out this guy-stuck-in-windshield/garage television show and movie adaptation.

Good job Val. That looked like something that belonged in a private message not in the lounge.

Anyhow, its a nice day. I think I’ll hit up the old mom and see if me and the kids can go swimming.

It doesn’t belong anywhere. Dude is trying to bring up shit that happened 3 years ago? Why does he even remember that?

I’m with it as long as the windshield guy is John Stamos.

I don’t remember shit from 3 hours ago, much less 3 years ago.

awwwww I missed what was said :frowning:

Oh, I thought it was funny, and it was off the cuff, and I seriously have no clue how you can leap from me saying what I did, to them accusing me of crossbreeding midgets in the hopes of obtaining puppy children (thats what they said I said).

what in the fuck?

I hate my job though, going hunting tomorrow, because I am probably going to lose my job over people having no sense of fucking humour. For the record, the midget has no problem being called a midget, and she is one of my friends.

Soviet: He brought up one of my ex girlfriend in an attempt to insult me.

I’d be one of your ex girlfriends anyday Val, I love me some redheads :wink:

I like it. Let’s just say the opening credits must conclude with “And featuring Betty White.” She’ll be the nosey neighbor that ultimately means well.