SRK Lounge 15 I heard RockB is to blame for the complex bar. PM him to let him know what you think

***Zettai Ryouiki! ***Yes add me to list of stocking lovers. it’s a powerful skill that’s hard to pull off.

Them thighs remind me of melted Almond Joys. Eewww

Glad I only eat the dark chocolate ones.

The Almond Joy, I mean.

Beyonce needs to go on a diet.

Is anyone else planning to grab a PC port of arcade edition?

What do you guys think about: Stop the Signing of the Anti-Streaming law

I always shake my head. Them fuckers can take away mah gamez…but NOT MY TOONAMI!!! :sad:

I think its law makers once again wasting their time on laws that don’t matter in order to appease the people who fill their paychecks…the Media, while the rest of us get fucked in the ass cuz the economy, violent crime, and every other real fucking problem continues to be ignored.

But who cares, Tracy Morgan said something about something! Let’s focus our anger and attention on the 30 Rock comedian.

For real. Tracey Morgain ain’t shit. Can we focus on something real for once people of this nation?

about the anti-streaming bill:

Best thing I heard somebody say about it:

this OG Twilight Zone Marathon is the truth

one of my favs is the one where that bitch runs away from the hitch hiker for 25 mins then finds out shes dead…and hes dead too…cold hearted bitch why you aint just pick him up? can a nigga get a lift?

4th of July is the fucking greatest holiday ever.

FUCK YEA AMERICA. WE #1, and if you don’t like it. EAT A DICK!

On rottentomatoes the menu doesn’t pop up when I click the add to list button under a movie. Any help? When I highlight the button at the bottom of firefox it says javascript void (0)

When they have a Twilight Zone marathon, I noticed it’s usually the real deal… not some half-ass 5 or 6 hour crap like with other shows…nah, a TZ marathon is going to be with you the entire day. After playing some games (“Trenched” is the shit, folks… check it out if you haven’t already) yesterday until 2 something this morning… I checked and it was STILL on. The last one came on at 2 or 2:30 am. I had already missed a few earlier since I went to sleep at some point in the late afternoon.

The lovely Dana Perino is on Fox & Friends this morning. Meanwhile, Ann Curry has a tight blue minidress on The Today Show.

*I’m quite picky with this stockings situation— They are only hot to me when they are translucent material… you know; the less opaque they are, the better. I enjoy being able to see the legs thru the material. Also, it’s nice when there’s a seam running up the back of each leg, like the old style stockings. Something about that greatly enhances the visual for when she turns around. Then there is the color… flesh-toned translucent is the ideal. I don’t really want to see any kind of unusual colors there. If they (the stockings) are black, it must be even more transparent. Also, the “black but still transparent” stockings should only be on legs that are lighter in skin tone… lighter-skinned black women or white, asian, lighter hispanics, etc.

Pippa vs. Kate Middleton — nigga please. Pippa is ok, but Kate absolutely destroys her on the hotness scale.


both :rofl:

The fact that YOU, the person who got fired from wal mart for being a fucking moron, are calling someone else a stupid dumb bitch amuses me.

Popcorn time!

It’s beating a dead horse at this point shottos we can get new material

tapalols I post phone

Me. I’m really trying not to buy it off steam today especially with the little money I have right now, but dammit the wait has been too long.