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As for pulling shit/info out of my ass, it is not true. The knowledge that I have gained has been around before the existence of this Holographic Universe.

Good god shut up.

s.e. cupp is my top conservative wing nut that i want to fuck silly…this is of course excluding sarah palin, who would get in the worst

BTierBison more like BTierCiscoWannabe

Its 2013 people still believe in god? Dafuck

You know what I love? Kitten pie!

positive atheism vs. negative atheism, compare/contrast.



loooool, this nigga sound like a tranny. im trippin at 1:06

**Michael Jackson deep and low voice **

We need a “Nigga that shit is NASTY!!” button.

im sorry is she supposed to be dressed like it’s 1994?

Tell that to people in porn who ONLY wear socks/jordans/tims.

I’m more surprised anyone can find Ann Coulter attractive, but I supposed given the law of averages somebody has too.

I’d wager that pic was taken in 1994.

What? I’ve been browsing my main porn site and I’ve seen similar. Yes, race play. Where black women refer to themselves as Nig slaves craving white cock dominance. I love how fucked up diverse and laughable entertaining the human race is. If God exists or whatever is responsible for the creation of the human race, they have hands down the best damn humor. You can’t even write shit this hilarious.

It’s funny as hell seeing white men crave nig whore/sluts/cunts but icing on the cake is when black women do it. Just when humanity almost ceases to amuse me, they never fail to provide more material.

I feel weird. Just finished watching the new documentary on J.D. Salinger on Netflix. I remember reading the Catcher in the Rye and I also remember hating the ever living hell out if it. Maybe its a book that has to come in a timely place in your life.

Stranger in a Strangeland was the literally form of a shotgun blast to my head. Guess some people need to hear the world is a farce and its ok to feel that it could very well be; others need to hear that the world is full of possible insanity and you’ll never be sure of how beautifully complex it can get.

I took two worlds on 360 into gamestop to see what they would give me, they said 24 cents…like damn the game isnt even worth a quater? lol

Google it. The short answer is that it was a really good show that CN canceled.

Like Young Justice. :frowning:

Still waiting on a DC Animated Movie of that shit.

I didn’t like it either to be honest, mostly because I found Holden to be an somewhat depressing, whiny, hypocrite who was good at pointing out the falls in others but was incredibly dense when it came to his own self-awareness. While his life circumstances may have been difficult for a boy his age, objectively speaking, he had a good life with wealthy parents, a somewhat loving family, a good education and he had some way with women. I mean, his complaints about the world we’re fine and warranted but he was basically an angry teenager who was lost and at the end of the day, I felt bad for him more than anything.

Me too, I want to see what Vandal Savage is doing with Darkseid. My favorite episode is the one where they fought the Injustice League, Young Justice went ham on them.