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Gods, do I miss Polarity. No homo.

…that avatar, lolololololol.

He took absolutely zero shit, and gave negative fucks.


Also, @jedpossum

Polarity didn’t troll.

He simply hated 3S.

And backed it up with sound reasons.

Much like Pablo the Mex, and that Jabs guy…

Actually, the LS-33 does, due to the shorter than normal shaft.

I’m too lazy to solder, though, lol.

Louiscipher has a 1/13 chance of posting something worth reading.

Faster meter build but if he gets a kill with kickfactor he loses his meter. So no more 3 free rounds against certain characters.

edit: oh and 2 Baz’z with kickfactor go through each other. So you don’t have a double KO because of it so… that’s cool I guess. I can’t decide if I should actually learn the mirror match or just counterpick with Shoals.

People still living in the stone age…there’s absolutely no reason DC should have done that. That’s just pathetic.

I’m very happy to see however that there are still some creative teams willing to step down from their position rather then let their artistic vision become something that it was never intended to be. Good on them.

Out of nowhere, first - actually a second time, Louis says fuck me. Last post on the subject. Staff intervention after this if needed.


Then why is it you who wants to fuck me?

This gay guy has a prose detector. The fuck, is that. A Bear is a big hairy gay man, as told to us by Dr.Subzero joking about Amir. Willing to Fuck, Kuma=Bear, Hax. Stop putting your desires out there and on people who aren’t any of those things.

I’m not a fat girl who has those things you think this fat girl does, get that through your fat head! <- if louis was cool enough to be a black guy on SRK

Are you this mad because I said I own a PS3 now or something. Dude I will -Willing To Friend, you! - Akuma Hax

Keep these fuck me fantasies out of my sight. Like I’m on your list. I better not play Laban in a NorCal tournament or something.

Last one, [“I just want the lounge to know that this exists - linkout to try to mess with jed or something & get some cred in here, nobody was worried about your argument its not our sides to take”](Louiscipher exposed to be a scrub (raging one) - I agreed with ESN though, if he sucks… and he beat you…!

I was wondering where I put that, “fuckin aku and tebbo, hussy” post though. You have improved my day! I can’t believe I’m saying this part but I’m just, the bigger man: How do I improve your day? If you have a problem reading my posts in this thread I guess there is nothing I can do about that, especially when you don’t offer the solution to please your eyes, I don’t know you tell me. I will continue to post as if you are not reading them and we shall co-exist. I will not post towards you and getting a job anymore, yet you still gotta troll/flamebait, bcuz u gay.[/details]

More NBA for SadQuotes. Locker room stories on the fun side, with a disapproving nod to the truth. “Many times before the game I was sent out to go get food for players, they always wanted chicken fingers and fries.” - wished to remain anonymous, team staff member

Maybe a Shaq one later if you are interested.

Was watching CNN and they had this info on their scroll bar saying a man was arrested for knowingly infecting women with HIV. It said he was being charged with “knowingly and recklessly infecting women, without their consent”.


People would consent to being infected with HIV? Lol… That’s as dumb and redundant as saying “You murdered 12 people… Without their consent!”

Would have been acceptable.

Trying not to edit to get into a mindset for the Mafia game. Greasy chicken fingers. If I played Laban who knows how that will affect you and your thoughts.

After not being in the lounge, these days without posting - other people argued, come back and get caught in a stupid argument. New Lounge, please, that is also named “BoneZone,” please please.

Octogate squaregate octogate squaregaYAWN

p360 4 lyfe :cybot:

I need some new alert sounds for my phone… Anybody have any video game-related recommendations?

Whew. Slept late. Oh, I get to ban that guy again? That’s better than coffee!

Wait, no it isn’t. :coffee:

I had a premium account for a week back then because of a glitch in the system. I dont recall any great perks from being a premium member, maybe you can elaborate… Less trolls!!! SRK wouldnt be SRK without trolls. Remember how insane racial/religious discussion were back in those days?

This is what I’m saying about people not being specific enough. 90% of the OG posters still post today. The only thing I hate is the 2min post rule but that’s more of a technical issue which I’m sure most of us have gotten used to.

Rare footage of Achuma-ExLax.

Anyone who hates 3S should get their balls cut off.

Yo, Angelpalm, why didn’t you let us know that you were training Epidemic to achieve the SSJ3 transformation? You’re such a nice guy!


Good afternoon SRK!

I should take a break from the Lounge, it’s starting to warp my mind.

Who buys mass market magazines anymore, much less hyper niche magazines?

Polarity would gut you, stuff you, and put you to use as a real-life practice dummy.

Pablo would Hardbody you into a quivering puddle of ineffectual lube.

That Jabs guy would just laugh at you.