SRK Lounge aka Would you drink RockB's bath water to sleep with Beyonce?




All of it?


No. I wouldn’t drink anyone’s bath water to have sex with anyone, or even multiple anyones.


Hahahahahaha…fuck no.



It depends how much bath water do i need to drink?


Again, y’all are trife as fuck.


Yo, even a shot glass of RockB’s stank water is too much.


Less offensive to me than the last thread’s title.


I bet its like Makers Mark.


Damn . . . That’s a hell of a topic for another 2k+ posts. . .


On the recently active threads section, you see this thread title as “SRK Lounge aka Would you drink RockB’s bath water to sleep with…”

The first thing that came to mind as the end of that sentence was “…his supposedly hot British sister?”

Kinda disappointed to see it was Beyonce instead. Shit would have had me rolling.

Again, y’all niggas trife.


I’m scurred. JayZ can have that. I can’t afford her bills anyway.


More like Knob Creek if you get my drift :xeye:


i dont think most srkers have any comprehension just how big this field slave ass lookin fool is.


Val, you best change that thread title to this.


Hell fucking no, I hate Beyonce. You know RockB bathes in 2% milk too. Keep that skin lily and those electrolytes flowin’.


And we’re off!!!


Just finished watching Warrior. Good flick.


Thats when i got convinced Tom was gonna play a good bane.


A method to determine which high-speed electric guitarist is fastest: grab torrent files of each of their complete discographies, start them all at the same time, and see how quickly each one finishes.

Uh, not that I actually advocate doing this. It’s against the rules, guys.