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My tastes run the gamut… :tup:

… I also like legs:

Turns out Tekken 6 has been raping eyes with overuse of red long before SF4 console’s Volcanic Rim did

And t6 has its own volcano-themed stage (the Pompeii one) too. :lol:

I never understood the problem with the volcano stage. Y’all just got some lil bitch ass eyes is all.

Is it also where you got your bukkake fetish?

please stop with the pics of that fugly man

Threads like these make me embarrassed I played the shit out of 3S. Good thing I’m not as close minded as some people on here and hate new games cause they aren’t like the old games

Then again I dislike newer Nintendo games ONLY cause they force the motion controls on you. Can’t I just use a damn controller?

You people need to stop linking to the 3S board. I’m dying from laughter. Some dude literally described being random as the quality of a “good player.”

EDIT: OK, fuck me. I just opened another thread in that section.

Worst looking woman that a movie tried to play up as attractive was the female lead in swamp thing.

Yeah, some of these 3S players are hilarious.

I know I’ve posted this before, but even for the horseshit that usually gets posted in the game forums, this one is particularly funny:

Adrienne Barbeau? She got her boobs out in that for no reason. That was cool.

“Siggy” Weaver was one that grew on me… there was the one scene where she just had a shirt and panties on back in Alien…that caught the attention of my penis at that time, at least for awhile…then she went back to being irrelevant to me… UNTIL that movie Galaxy Quest years later, and Heartbreakers. Suddenly she became a nice specimen… then, looking back at Ghostbusters again, I noticed her appeal back in that movie…somehow I had missed that back then when the movie was new. Maybe it was her newfound cougar-appeal at play here, but it’s like she managed to travel back in time and re-write the time-line of her own sex appeal… fascinating. It’s such an unusual case with her. Of course, she could never make the cut for Magnificent 5™, but I would not hesitate to ravage that woman.

*and yeah, I also own Heartbreakers on DVD, but obviously she’s really the bonus prize there. People (guys) only bought it because of Jennifer. After all these years of having that movie… I’ve never actually watched it from beginning to end… I kept going right to her scenes every time… the one where she has to pick up papers in the short mini-dress in Ray Liota’s office is the best part…that one part where she adjusts the hem of the skirt is the Nutbuster™…and that’s after her blatantly coming on to Liota’s character, even asking him at one point “is it hard?”, referring to something else but the “double-talk” was obvious there…sheeeeit, just hearing Ms. Hewitt actually say something like “is it hard?”…just that by itself is hot. Many loads have been dropped off to that scene.

She was so sexy in Ghostbusters my mom made me fast forward it. Now that’s hot. :tup:

Man, sometimes I feel pretty gay for liking Million’s posts.

Just threw up in my mouth… Christ, give a little warning next time, would you? Or at least spoiler tag it.

This is probably late but good shit on the Fujiko Mine AV, AF.

Edit: I think Sigourney Weaver is one of those chicks that looks good sometimes, but ugly the majority of the time. In that pic where she’s smiling and has her hair dyed blonde, she looks fucking hot. Every other pic? All I see is a busted face. It’s like that Seinfeld episode where she needs to have perfect lighting+clothes+other things to look good or else she looks gross.

I love 3S and UMvC3 but they definitely have some of the biggest idiots in their respective communities.


UMvC3 players: Lose a set 15-1, as soon as they get that random win, they taunt and leave. Or, I’ll go 0-1 in a really close match, the person I\m playing against realizes they lucked out, taunts, then leaves. K. Typically these players play characters like Vergil and Dante. They’re emo IRL+have low self-esteem or some shit.

The salt I get from these two games is typically from some of the idiots that play them, rarely the games themselves.

If I had spoilered it you would have clicked… you KNOW you woulda…

Also, I now know what black guys must feel like. :tup:

you is the one who is the busta. :mad:

go read Louiscipher’s posts in The Walking Dead thread. every day i live is pain knowing that dude is somewhere on the planet interacting with people IRL.

whaaaaaaaat? a terrible post from SWBusta? never!

How bout… it sucks as a stage? It wasn’t any better when Udon had it in the SF comic as Ryu and Akuma’s final battle stage.

Volcano stage and diner stage, ugh.

KOF 13’s Dark Ash boss stage trumps all in eye rape and electricity wastage though

Can’t take the heat? Don’t play the volcano stage.