SRK Lounge Back to Basics: aka 8 days until Rock gets his hands all over Boel


True story.


Finally a new title…but it’s RockB again.


The glorious return of the RockB title!


all over me


a bromance for the ages


All this Rock up in Boel’s butt.

What’s a no homo?


Its not gay through sheer force of mind.


it’s not gay to rockb it’s just BJJ


gay. not gay. who cares? It’s the rebirth of slick in here. :tup:



I wonder how RockBoel feels about this shipping.

I asked this on the 50th page of the last lounge, but I wanted to ask again if anyone played or heard of this RPG flash game series called MARDEK? It’s really damn good for a flash game and has around 50 hours of gameplay in the 3 released chapters. I can see this series being released on PSN or something if the creator keeps at it.


10:32:54 AM) RockB: Im not gonna take these accusations from a guy who has duck lips and shops at baby gap
(10:32:57 AM) RockB: a Frenchman
(10:32:59 AM) RockB: and two bears

uh oh please do not report me for chatlogs


lulz. I’m bringing random shit from the Caribbean to give to the GDers that I happen to run into. I hope I’m sober enough to remember to leave the hotel with them in my bag.


haha so out of all the superhappenin gd dudes coming, am i the only one that signed up for games? I feel like such a nerdy pariah

i will now serve a self imposed exile in fgd


I signed up for dat SSF4-AE-2012-HBO-Y2K, and KoF ($10 shirt!)
I most likely won’t play either. Then again I’d love to get bodied with Rose on the stream so that anyone from Cayman watching can be like “OH EM GEE I KNOW HIM”


Bring me some shit!


Dunno if I said it here, moving in with the gf soon, our move in date is July 5th, and your damn right I’m gonna have comcast at the apt that Saturday morning so I can watch evo and cheer you faggots on.

And if someone would be able to get me a skullgirls shirt from brokentier shoot me a pm. I love limited edition + brokentier + skullgirls


Videogames are for nerds.


i would go but am in a perpetual state of not having a dime to my name even though i work full time. that being said, i request someone get stomped out for no reason what so ever.

edit: this does not have to happen at evo, but perhaps in a drunken street fight like i would imagine evo should be in vegas. drunk dudes trying to enact real life street fighter. i will accept someone trying to bonus round a car.


again rock just showing his sexual frustration…


When did these “RockB is one gay ass nigga” jokes began?