SRK Lounge, Bawston Edition. GO SAWX!


You all ah queeah.


da fuck is a sawk?


YO. You are terrible.


But didya bob dat quuewah on da naggin’?



Can we get title change? I hear Boston is pretty bad,


Boston e bosta.


Boston in some ways is fucking awesome and in some ways fucking awful, just like every city.


baaawsten is nice, they play good Haawkey up there.

Edit: And Furious i guess she’s the epitome of a butter face eh?


Yall should’ve heard RoninChaos. We complained about the room and he decided for the whole thing he wouldn’t drop the Boston accent. Shit was too fucking funny.
“Yo! We couldn’t even get a second fahkin cot for the fahkin room! I slept in the bed but I couldn’t have my friend heeh sleep in dere too! We ain’t queeah or nutin!”


rawkbogaaht’s a cawksocka

true story.

@ retarded-ass DarthTrey: Paquin’s legs are better than Stones. there’s your answer.


Stone has no legs, she has two sticks holding up her complete and utter lack of ass. In spite of these things, I’d still fuck Emma over Sookie.


So…just like every city.


That was the text message Brian was typing as he lost control of his pickup :(.


Both my girlfriend and I myself laughed out loud at this post.

It was good enough to share with one I love. :tup: :tup:


I respect that, not breaking character.

This sounds legendary.




So does a perfect [insert body part you love] beat out a cute face? Would you rather have say a cute face and weak ass or perfect ass and weak face? You can replace ass with whatever body part turns you on.


Got my Beats headphones today. :smiley: I never realized how many people actually have a pair, but I’m betting that many of them are fake because really, who pays $250+ for headphones?


The face is always the most important feature on a woman for me.