SRK Lounge: Can we please lay off the Maxxvatars?


Sorry, I was out of the country and couldn’t deal with this before.
I’m sure it’s funny but some people don’t find it as funny and mods agree so could we please lay off with it?


tis a sad day in gd son.


RIP Maxxvatars.

All of them were so creative.


^unfortunate, as I was actually considering making him into a surprise Modnation Racers character…

*Alice Eve will be on the next segment of Soledad’s show Starting Point…they just showed her getting up to walk over to the seating area with Soledad and the other guests… this resulted in a near-upskirt flash. It’s a good thing I decided not to leave for work just yet, and was thus able to see that on the live broadcast. It may require slow-motion replay to see if there was an actual panty-flash going on there in the 2 or 3 frames where the knees were facing the camera and lifted ever so slightly. The shadow of the skirt may have helped protect her though. This happened at around the 1:47 mark of today’s show.

Alice looks and sounds quite nice…oooh bonus points for that accent! NICE. She’s from across the pond! Hell yeah…hell YEAH. We need to get more of those imported.


Lol really? Sad on SRK when you can’t rock a celebrities face on your avatar.


Do I have to take his posters down out of my room too? ):


I still haven’t seen the original content people were pulling the maxxvatars from. :sad:


You’re lucky I really like both the song and video:



Is that it? Gotta go watch it on my phone lol brb, work computers :xeye:


Maxx vs RockB fight for lounge supremacy at evo.
Winner gets to fight a chimp.


Well that’s just unfortunate.


Wow. Maxx I’m shooting a hip hop music video on the 10th… We need you.


Well… Val, you really took the wind out of my sails today.


About time. I’m probably the only one who thought that shit wasn’t funny after the first 3 posts.


Day 1: Good Morning, Kamenka

Wake up in the middle of the road just outside of Kamenka. Check my pack to find some food, water, road flares, a makarov, and six clips, but no map or compass. I search the overcast sky for the sun, and it slowly peeks out from behind some clouds to the east. It’s still rising. Next to me is a weathered road sign that reads “Kamenka 1km”. Judging by the location of the sun, the road should take me east. I decide to follow it until I come to Kamenka. Hopefully I can find some more supplies. I stay off the road, but continue to follow it from the tall, waist high grass that borders it. After 5 minutes of walking or so I can see the outer most houses that border Kamenka, and just before those houses, is a corpse in the street. I crouch down in the grass and survey the area.


There is one crouched in the grass on the opposite side of the road near the corpse, and two more wandering within the borders of Kamenka. I keep my sight locked on the closest one, and he never moves an inch. I wonder if hes even alive. After a few minutes of watching, he shifts slightly and turns to face me, though hes still staring at the ground. The other two have wandered out sight. Nervously, I decide to get closer and inspect this corpse. I go prone, and inch my way towards it, keeping my eyes fixed on the crouched zed opposite the body. Other than his slight twitches, he doesn’t seem to be moving from that spot. As I draw closer, I can hear the buzzing of flies around the body and I know he has been here for a while. If the zeds were going to eat him, they’d have done so long ago.

I inspect his pack to find nothing. Somebody must have been here already. Disappointed, I decide my only option is to search the town for supplies. I crouch, and peek over a wooden fence bordering the town. The two zombies have turned into five, they shuffled in and out of the various houses, through yards, and the street. Going prone again, I follow the fence until I find a opening and slip into the yard. I make my way to a shed in the back to find a can of beans, a pepsi, and a bandage. I feel a huge wave of relief, that quickly dissipates as I hear a loud screeching sound just outside the shed. I freeze. Peering through the spaces in the boards, I can see two zeds wandering around the outside. I’m safe, however, as they are outside the fence. I crawl back out to exit the yard, and see that the five zombies has now become ten.

I lay motionless, watching, waiting, for about 15 minutes. I’m just waiting for them to disperse, so I can make my way across the road and into the house adjacent to me. Slowly but surely they start to wander off in different directions and I have my chance. I crawl as fast as I can, so close to these zeds that I can nearly smell them. Just as I make it to the middle of the road, I hear three gunshots ring out. All of the zombies freeze. The gunshots are close. I know it, they know it. Before they start to investigate I scurry across the road into the grass. More gunshots. They start to head down the road towards the sound, crossing exactly where I was just laying.

“Who the fuck is shooting in Kamenka!?” I type out.
“I am! I’m trapped here on the eastern end of town! Help!” A man named Otter types back.
“Stop shooting, more are headed to you! Just hide. Be safe. I’m on my way.”

Given that the zeds are distracted with Otters gunfire, I take the opportunity to stand up and sprint out of town, and towards the train tracks that run between it and the beach. More gunshots echo between the buildings. I turn around to see a couple of the zombies in a dead sprint towards Otters location.

“Otter! Stop shooting! Two are headed right at you. Be careful!”

Just as I finish typing I see movement out of the corner of my eye. I raise my pistol and turn to another man standing on the tracks. He has his gun pointed right at me.

“You, on the tracks in Kamenka. Get on the ground or I shoot. Don’t move.”

He promptly hits the dirt and types back “Friendly. Don’t shoot.”

“Stay down until I get there. If you point your gun at me, I will shoot.”

I make it down to him, and he stands to salute. Friendly indeed. His name is Brian. He heard Otter and I yelling back and forth and came to help. Together, we sprint up the tracks to a small loading dock at the east end of Kamenka. I haven’t heard any gunshots in the last couple of minutes. I call out to Otter, asking if he’s still alive.

“Yeah. Out of ammo. Where are you?”
“At the train yard.”

Before I can ask where he is, he comes sprinting towards us, with two Zeds in tow. Brian and I do the only thing we can do, and open fire on them. Dropping them both, we follow Otter and make a dead sprint out of town. Looking back, I can see we have attracted a couple more creeps, and Otter is bleeding profusely.

“Keep running. Don’t stop until we are far enough out of town to kill them without drawing more.”

After a minute or two we stop, turn, and drop our pursuers. Otter is about to pass out from blood loss, and Brian is patching him up. It takes both Otters, and Brians bandages to stop the bleeding. We both give him some food to recover a bit, and we rest to plan our next move.

I can continue this story if anybody cares. This is taken from my recently adventure through the Day Z mod for Arma II.


Because seeing his name in the Lounge title fills you with murderous rage.
You also wish to establish yourself in the pantheon of SRK memes.
Plus beating the chimp will net you one (1) free sandwich of your choice.


Are Rockvatars off the table too?


Rock isn’t as cool as maxx though.


I would allow those, no matter what other mods think.


Why were people complaining about the maxxatars?

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