SRK Lounge: Can we please lay off the Maxxvatars?


Sorry, I was out of the country and couldn’t deal with this before.
I’m sure it’s funny but some people don’t find it as funny and mods agree so could we please lay off with it?


Same title?


So…no new title?


I would allow those, no matter what other mods think.


Well this is weird…


Dat deja vu.

/French Canadia.


Feels like I’ve been here before.



Is it just me, or is this video incredibly corny?

It seems like Square is jumping on the terrorist themed bandwagon a little too late, and the voice acting sounds like shit to me.



Eatin a hotlink & mac & cheese sandwich right now. Awesome! :tup:


I actually thought that was kind of impressive as far as tech demos go.


Some tattletale ass nigga named thirtyfour or something reported me apparently, but he thought it was Noel Brown in my Jynx.


^It’s just the other side of the terrorism in FF games… If the red mage girl is the hero, as it seemed, she looked to be a part of the religious establishment and they got attacked by a “small” crew of “terrorists.” Which the the opposite case for idk 80% of previous final fantasy games?


Looks like there’s a glitch in the Matrix.


So GD hangs in the balance again bruvs?


Rock isn’t as cool as maxx though.


Funny enough, I think I’m seeing posts in this page from the previous iteration of the thread.

I’m not religious, but If GD ever dies, this is it’s funeral theme.


People get ready, there’s a train’ a comin’.



Srk so ready to sell out that it will do ANYTHING to secure them profits. You ask why that is?



(Ugh. Thanks. It’s not like I don’t have deja vu often as it is, Valaris.)

Ugh. Thanks. It’s not like I don’t have deja vu often a…wait.

Anyway, I still obviously haven’t posted in the movie thread yet, but despite my grievances with Thomas Jane’s inability to act, the ending song from The Mist is nice to listen to.


Rather unrelated, but since it’s on right now, I am suddenly reminded that I’ve kinda wanted them to continue from Alien Resurrection for a while rather than the shitty spin-offs of Aliens they’ve been doing as of late; I say this even with the admission that Resurrection isn’t very good despite the fact that I think it’s watchable (unlike Alien 3).

I’ll say that I’d like Prometheus to buck the trend…yet at the same time, I still can’t bring myself to really care about it.


why, what happened?


I don’t know why my girlfriend bought a 40 of Steel Reserve, but damned if I’m not drinking the nasty shit right now.

Also, I just ate like five hard-boiled egg whites. Hello, farts.

Hey, guys, did the matrix just glitch out on anybody else just now?

Fuck this shit. If people have to start walking on eggshells to save GD, then it’s no longer a GD worth saving.

If they shut it down, it’s their bad, not ours, and everybody knows it.