SRK Lounge: Can we please lay off the Maxxvatars?


Working on 4 new products for my site to fill the front page. I’m thinking Monitors, Keyboards and Mice, Additional Storage, and a full on custom option that lets you construct a machine from all available options.

Maybe instead of keyboards and mice, I should do “peripherals” and have keyboards, mice, headsets, and speakers all in one place. Or should they all have their own individual option? Hmmmmm…


Good luck.


</bad guy from Taken voice>

Steel Reserve is great.

Firstly, it gets you intoxicated very quickly. Liquor quickly. A Steel buzz is distinctly different from that of other beers, to me.

Moving on. Has anyone ever offered you a beer that you hated upon trying? After you’ve “acquired a taste” for S/R, that will never again be an issue. What are they going to hand you that will offend your pallet, then? Okay, Genesee Cream Ale, but that is unlikely.

The Steel Reserve fraternity. Men of means, with fixed addresses that enjoy Steel. We know, it’s trashy. And it is almost objectively awful. But we appreciate the humor in drinking it.

White trash guilty pleasures. Like gas station hot dogs, or thinking El Caminos are fuckin’ sick.


All of GD.

To discriminate would be against the cause.

That’s fine and dandy, but what bugs me is that Pabst is both hipster and skater beer nowadays.

I have no idea why.

It is without a doubt the worst beer I have ever tasted, and I once drank an 80 year old beer fermented in an attic.

Let me rephrase, I hate it when people** don’t even try beer** and stick to girly drinks because they could be missing out on something they like.


Posting in this thread

Love my avatar, makes it easy to tell what threads I’ve already posted in


Because of all the moaning and groaning, I decided to write a mostly serious essay on how to post on SRK (or on forums in general, really).

I think we should have something like that stickied on all the forums, because there does seem to be a lack of cohesive instruction.
I spent pretty much the entire day working on that. Man “working” in government is great.


Steel Reserve is nasty shit and is only marginally stronger than other shit beers… but it’s there and nobody else is going to drink it.


dammit. I’ll chance it. General Akcbar, take the helm. We’re going in…



It is an entity.

It’s like the ring dude. It controls you.


LMFAO. :rofl: in the panthenon of ugly vehicles, few if any are so remembered…or reviled…as the El Camino. I wonder. Is there anyone who can do ANYTHING to make one of those look decent? I don’t think so. Still, at least it isn’t the Cube. :wasted: :tdown: THOSE things fell straight off the ugly tree and into oncoming traffic. Downhill. Both ways.



But the El Camino has the looks of a muscle car with the space of a pick-up! It’s the best of both worlds.


You all fucked up, this is the ugliest car in existence.

Man, El Caminos, Steel Reserve, I’m starting to believe SRK is 1/2 white.

All that’s left is a few mullets and people that grew up in trailers.

That second part in the above sentence applies to me.

Shameless Dem Kankers reference for trailers-sake.


(Hmmm…there appears to be a relatively near-by fire according the news. All the more reason to go outside finally…)

Still haven’t gone for my walk yet, unfortunately, so I figure I might as well answer Amazing Funbags because…Kusanagi commands me to.

I’m aware a Prince Albert isn’t a tongue-piercing, though the cleanness issue applies to tongue-piercings even more.

I was asking if she had asked him to get a tongue-piercing if she asked him to get a Prince Albert because, you know, cunnilingus. [/spelling it out]

All of them, thus far. I’m just not an alcohol-person, I think, which is funny because I apparently have a higher tolerance for not getting shit-faced than everyone else I know even when drinking quickly (because I’m not used to drinking). I think I’ve only liked one thing I’ve drank and I can’t remember what it was; even then it was more like “this is okay/not horrible” rather than “this tastes good”.

Perhaps my pallet is just too refined.

dons monocle

The marriage ring or the One True Ring?

Same difference, I suppose.


Too bad Smeagol gets laid more than most married men.


Thank the almighty skywizard for evolution threads


My skywizard appears in the form of a ghostly Grant Morrison, like Obi-Wan Kenobi on Hoth.


I was just happy for him, because from I know of him he’s not the kind of guy to subject himself to such a thing if it were not in his own best interests.

Marriage of itself isn’t cool - finding somebody worthwhile is.


Guinness Foreign Extra Stout gets me buzzed after only one.

That’s 151 caliber liquor buzzing, for me.


El Caminos are the mullets of the automobile world: having one automatically makes you a redneck (or mexican), and the only one who likes it is the guy who owns it.


Glad mine doesn’t, I’d be confused as shit all the time if so. if Final Crises is the bible lord have mercy on my soul…