SRK Lounge: Can we please lay off the Maxxvatars?

Man, my skin is too light to dress nicely. Otherwise I look like I’m attending a funeral.

Doomed to wear levis and vans forever.

Well you fuckers made me crave pizza.

I got you homie.

Never do support for an MMO. Actually, do it for the hilarity.

Thank you, sir.

I’m working on sketches for a 3rd playable character. Ellie. Shes blue, and has a tusked skull mask that is really her face. She peels it off to spit giant balls of acidic puke that blow up.


I’m eating Pizza flavored Pringles.

Stay stupid 3s community

I’d like to think that Seth quit over Megaman

WHITE PEOPLE!!! :smiley:

The amount of hate I got over spitting truth about that game was delicious.

Nub tears flowed like whine.

I think I might still be banned from the SFXT OT… :coffee:

I looked at this post, and it never once occured to me that this might not be sarcasm.

It still doesn’t.

Lmao, at the Diablo 3 thread.

EVERYONE is frothing pissed at the actual patch notes for the 1.0.3.

Everyone but Sovi3t.

He’s there hoping that Blizzard changes things for the better in a later patch.

Poor bastard… I almost feel sorry for him.

You can almost SEE him shifting his hips to accommodate more of that Bliz-cock. :coffee:

Wonder what ends up the greater number. The number of people in that thread who are mad, or the number of people Soviet reports for being mad.

One thing unemployment taught me… no job doesn’t mean no money. Period! There’s no excuse for not having any income whatsoever. There are just too many ways to at least make pocket change to supplement an unemployment check. And a lot of ways are actually legal and have nothing to do with selling your rectum. Get to hustling.

Gotta work those corners

I’d go sell weed if I knew a damn thing about it…

I read the patch notes, and even from somebody on the outside looking in, it appears that Blizzard doesn’t want anyone to have good gear in the game without playing that shit like a 9 to 5, or having a 9 to 5 to get it from the RMAH. World of Diablocraft, indeed.

I got your back, bro, no homo.

:rofl: some people just can’t admit that game was big, hairy, super-mario, plumber buttcrack. The rest of the game could’ve been okay, but they screwed over the demon pimp. As far as I was concerned, that game wasn’t worth using as a coaster after that.

You should share your knowledge with us, wise one.


Fun fact: SFXT would have been an alright game WITHOUT GEMS.

Game would still be shit without gems.