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Stfu down there with your fags.


Fuckin right…


Hey, your opinion is dumb, stupid, and shitty… but I’m not going to explain why, because talking about opinions is stupid. Kay, bye!


Might I say, you’re looking mighty dapper today ole’ chap!


Thank you because anymore discussion about this dumb ass flick would be a waste of time, unless you were talking about how that psychiatrist guy was the only one making any sense in the show and probably represented Frank Millers real thoughts behind Batman being a disease that infected the minds of the citizens. Imo Batman has always been a great name for std’s. Soviet himself is VERY familiar with that Batman Returns™.


Do lounges normally move this quickly?


WTF? A shootout on a soap opera?
It also has a black guy NOT dying?

As do you fellow Beauregard…fancy some crumpets?


A thread title about me? Nice…


Oh! Tip top and a howdy ho!


New lounge, new opportunity to come off as arrogant, snobbish and all around douchey.


yes, yes it does. your lucky if you get a week out of them.


Hi friends!


Awww. So this is what the first page of the lounge looks like?


These threads wouldn’t move as fast if more of you spent time in #srk-lounge *

*This includes me.


Who wants a mustache ride?


lets all enter a suicide pact


Guess I can’t post here.


I could use an asian butler.


Alpha versions of MEGAN coming out soon. I need testers. Like this post, or PM me if you want to test it out.

When you get it, it will have local vs mode only.

EDIT: It also wont have grenades, or the ability to pull the block. I’m reconsidering these things as gameplay elements, and want to see if it plays okay without them.


Thith thread soundth lovely