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right on time for the new thread
FOUR day weekend ahead, folks! HELL yeah… I have so much Nothing™ to get started on…nothing but Saint’s Row 3, Skyrim with perhaps some Gears 3 on the side. Sheeeit, I should’ve taken today off for an even better vacation.

RAAM and Sam up next on SR3 Create a Character… I’m thinking a locust character may be possible…

The side effects of SR3 dripping into real life situations— out on the road, once again I see little hills and ramps and instantly start thinking "…ooh, that’s probably a ‘Stunt Jump’ over there…"

lol is this the new volume…title confuses me. hahah.

uc davis is hilarious…like these cops didnt give 1 FOK. they spraying these kids down like their working on a thanksgiving turkey.

Weather is fascinating. Never again will we have seen a category 4 hurricane this late in the year.

Long ass weekend gonna be used for hanging out with family and FINALLY finishing Uncharted 2.

another day another thread

I made a gorgeous 36 year old woman want me!

lol go onnnn…

He has money, stability, and told her wants kids. :coffee:

It’s a trap obviously. One that carries chaotic results that I would like to see.

I can’t get SRK to load any threads with Tapatalk.

I work today, black Friday, then Monday and Tuesday then my vacation from work begins. This week at work better be dead, cuz my brain is already in vacation mode. Hopefully in the next few days I can try to learn Doctor Doom a little better, an put a dent into Skyrim (I’m right at the part where you get your first Word).

Neither since i’m just a poor student. If anything she’d probably be the one supporting me lol.

She told me that she’s going to have a slumberparty soon with women her age and asked me to join… That’s just too good to be true :lol:

Okay then.

She obviously thinks you’re gay and suicidal, like that dude in Kickass.

Here’s hoping it works out for you like the movie adaptation, and not the original work.

me neither, unfortunately.

Ì’m pretty sure that must be it. In the meantime i will enjoy her being all over me.

Nuttin’ wrong with being a boy toy. Seriously, though. A slumber party? For grown women? While the thought of that is kinda hot, women should never try to say that men are immature just because we play games. Ya’ll act like you’re still in middle school.

Oh, and Tapatalk no longer tappin or talkin, eh? Can’t say that affects my non smartphone having ass. :tup:

Surfing SRK on safari is ass.

Posting white text on a white background?






You know the routine. Make with the pics and info about possible female siblings of said woman already.


Think of it as a bunch of hot middle aged women coming together and watch movies, talk etc. in their sleeping attire. That IS hot.

Cameron Diaz eyes is all i can say for now lol.

Ah man a new thread?? The last one seemed to go by extra fast.

Not being able to lift iron makes me realize how much of a bum I really am…