SRK Lounge Holidays Edition

I just watched a porn flick that used the dramatic music from The Dark Knight.

So yeah, Super Weaving was the shit. Imagine fighting a villain and then be like “Hold on one sec” and weave him a sweater in .5 seconds that says “Fuck you I’m Superman” then proceed to beat his ass.

Details please…I’ve had Anne Hathaway on the brain today.

I’d buy 50 Copies of that comic.

Super-cookery would be the best power.

Imagine a sandwich utterly beyond the culinary capabilities of humankind.

I wanna watch Batman Beyond all of a sudden.

I should read through superdickery again. Shit’s hilarious.

Superman in the golden ages: Take something perfectly normal you can do, tack on Super in front of it, trademark that shit and done.

I’m done with this game, you guys can have it.

Should’ve named this thread the Sweatpants Edition.

I see 6-digit high scores on the table…I managed 5200.

How the fuck.

lol does the lounge always change threads this often

All of a sudden my ass.

I love all the BAD ENDS in Batman Beyond. Your livelihood is based on sound? GO DEAF.

Too bad they just had to go and make comics out of it. Don’t read that shit for the love of toitels.

yo fuck that game
i cant stop playing it

Hey, I like that comic sucka, they brought Blight back after he got shit on and they threw a Submarine on him. Also the JLDouche returns.

I got the complete BB series in that special edition box, should finish watching them.

I don’t know how to use the mage. The tornado is so garbage.

I liked the BB Comic to.

Batman Beyond is awesome. It should have been so bad. It’s such an Image Comics kind of idea. But it was so awesome.

Most of the really weird Superman shit is from the Silver Age. The war ended, comics came under attack by conservative politicians, and the few prevailing superheroes had to find something else to do besides bust up bad guys and take corrupt powerful people to jail.

I totally forgot about the Mythbusters marathon… but it’s still on!