SRK Lounge: I heard rumors that RockB was Scatman John

Keep it going.

oh man rockb is thereno level you wont sink to

I think this is the quickest I found the new lounge.

The new timeslot for Green Lantern and Young Justice is quite alright with me… it’s easier to remember, and I can actually see all of it, unlike the previous Friday afternoon block.

*the girls in Young Justice are so outrageously hot… it is such a shame that they are not real…just fictional, animated sexpots.

*it’s annoying though that just about every network that has shows I like…they repeat the hell out of everything EXCEPT the shows I like. CN seems to be all about repeating Lego Ninjago, Level Up, King of the Damn Hill (sorry piece of shit, what a waste), and so many other things I don’t care about…they repeat them all day every day, basically. Over at Science Channel, I love Monster Bug Wars… does it ever get a goddamn repeat? Nope. They repeat EVERYTHING over there EXCEPT the damn Monster Bug Wars. G4 doesn’t seem to repeat any of the cool new cartoons they’ve put on lately…they’d rather show COPS all day.

*there was a Wilhelm Scream just now in that Hot Wheels commercial.

*I must look up info on what that super-bright star/planet/whatever is I’ve noticed lately… it’s something in the sky at night that’s way brighter than any of the other stars (but not the full moon) in the sky.

This is a bard design that came to my mind this morning. The main idea of it was the small runes on his belt that acts as a mini personal amp that he can use in everyday battles or when he just needs to play a small song or practice alone. When he is in larger battles he can summon giant runes from the earth to increase the power. Fireworks, smoke and lasers also appear when he summons the big ones to help his party.



Rumor going around that another version of Marvel 3 is coming out in July. My senses tell me that this is false. It would shake things up a bit though, and i like that.


haven’t been on the first page of the new lounge since last year.

Rumor: Another Expansion To Marvel vs Capcom 3 Possibly Coming - NeoGAF

8 new challengers still no negros or women

Things I’ve learned: if the lounge isn’t moving, there’s a new lounge.

Unless they remove x-factor, I think I may just ignore that all together.

I’d bet 30 quadrillion dollars a new Vs. game would NOT have Dimitri…and probably not Victor or L. Raptor either. Of course, only a fool would take that bet, really. Why must the Darkstalkers not named “Morrigan” or “Lilith”(*and I haven’t seen her in awhile either) be the ignored bastard children of Capcom? I get tired of seeing that same succubus bitch all the damn time, man.

*Frogger… it amazes me that Frogger games continue to sell enough apparently to continue getting made on every system. Frogger has sucked since the original game, imo. It’s one of the so-called “classics” that stands out as a trash to me.

*As fascinated as I’ve been with all things space-related, I didn’t realize that super-bright non-moon object in the sky is apparently Venus. I haven’t even noticed it until recently though.

… I still want the end of the world scenario to involve an alien invasion. It would be great if they were peaceful at first though, so we get a chance to revel in this incredible scientific discovery. Perhaps they’d show up, and humanity makes some kind of mistake that the aliens perceive to be a threat or an insult, then the shit hits the fan big time…yeah, that would be good and entertaining.

The most fcked up thing about a new Marvel expansion being announced is that im gonna buy it. Roll and Howard the Duck DLC. No Jems, please

holy shit, how come no one talks about battle fantasia for ps3?!! this is gold. theres a pirate with a super named heat my justice. theres a bitch that is cross of cammy and dahlsim in grim fandango attire.

I smell lies.
If it’s true though…I’m glad at least it’s DLC.

No one plays it online. The game is super fun and has a bunch of craziness going for it. But the art style killed it for a lot of people. Even though it has a bunny version of Magneto in it with Rocket Racoon traps.

the game could have used to be like 1% more grimdark like why did guile priest have to look like some ready to be raped altar boy

The bunny is Mags?!! how is that not awesome? Cute and Deadly!!!

Fixed. I still crack up at people complaining about ascetic things like Story, graphics, how the life bars look in fighting games. It’s like talking about the campaign in CoD games.

I’m having lots of fun with SFXT currently

I got SFxT and… Man… Its just so … Fun

Val making people nostalgia hard:

I just imagined RockB trying to make a music video and every time a girl would mess up a dance move she would get missile drop kicked out of nowhere.