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bald spot.

2012 SRK GD Awards Nomination Thread

I was about to say now…happy birthday
aka Skynet.


Nice thread title. <3


I’m gay.


Most tuesdays and wednesdays I’m out of town for work so I can’t close this shit. Keep it in your pants people.


With you around, that’s a very “hard” task.


No that wasn’t even an insult, just a statement of fact. Any good you do there is equivalent of flipping the page to the bad end of a choose your own adventure book.:rofl:


I’m a motherfuckin’ profesional, son.


This is now my impression of @Valaris, every time.


So you, ahem, graduated from the “college job” then?

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What college job? I’m still in university but I’m no longer a glorified secretary. I’ve been working for a year as a negotiation consultant.


Goodbye, Pennsylvania. <3

This shit really pisses me off. In one sense, I’m glad I don’t live there anymore, but in another, I still consider PA my home.


I dunno why it was a big deal, who the fuck cares if we get a new Lounge or not. OTT’s in the pussy areas are always on page 500,000 and shit.


That’s what I meant, lol.

What is a negotiations consultant?

A donations specialist?

A recruiter?

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Powers that be don’t like GD. Those kids may be fucking up, but they are at least fucking up in the “right” place.


I help and teach people how to negotiate. And honestly I won’t say much more than that since I have a pile about as high as RockB of NDA’s.


…how high is RockB?

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Got any tips on how to take a shit at specific time during the day?


Star-studded Azrael cameo?


Anyone else find terrestrial radio terrible? I find it unbearable. Radio DJ’s for the most part are such hacks. I only listen to my own music and podcasts while driving.