SRK Lounge: More like turned on by Lesbian Seagulls


look at that double chin and then ask that question again, out loud, without laughing or feeling stupid


Man, you just have to move after this shit. You have to.


Dammit Raz0r, I was trying to stay away from that profile on Twitter. LMAO!!!


Wake up from a nap and angelpalm is summoning me to more of the man-on-boy sex stories he keeps looking up. As if I’m going to indulge him in making his similar fantasies come true.

Son, get Raz0r to be the naked boy wonder to your SFV Birdie-lookin’ Batman. That’s what Janet Jackson sung about all those years ago.


Somebody is jerking it to this.

That was some gross shit


Hooooly shit that was hilarious! Where the fuck are they? Why the fuck are there “logs” piled up on the side of the road? :rofl:

Black people deserve everything they get, cause those fuckers sound about as dumb as them logs they were fighting with.



Maybe this time I’ll learn to just focus on what matters.


They may as well have been white.
It’s not black or spanish or white that’s the problem.

It’s uneducated poor people deserve everything they get.


Are you repressed gay or something?


This thing is laughing at me from inside me…


Starhammer is there a reason you pollute this thread with your moronic alt right retardness when there are like 5 different political threads on gd front page? We get it, you never believed in anything until memes made an 80 yr old failed business charity case president.


This is nothing.

That inextinguishable shame that one can only feel when they are run over by the Daytona Hornet…in a fighting game. :sad:




EVO 2017 game predictions.

Street Fighter V
Smash 4
Smash Melee
Tekken 7
Injustice 2
Killer Instinct


Troll bait rejected and added to ignore. Now go be a good little boy before you end up in a cell with daboog.



Is it the time of the month for some of you guys? Been dead serious here.


in SRKGDiscord we were brainstorming a legit hype tournament.

  1. all people that were banned from Evo are allowed to show up. Dark Prince gets flown in for high roller tournament
  2. prize money is given on a gift card so no pot splits
  3. no weapons checks at the door
  4. 0-2 gets jumped

Midway owned Pac-man and Mortal Kombat

all you need to know is that angelpalm is constantly low-key dissing me because he mad. :cool:

if it was 2 chicks



Hey look, a white woman gained a bit of clarity but fell off quick.

How will white women use their privilege? The same way they’ve always used it Pinky, to advance themselves while shitting on everyone else.

The idea that being seen as frail or weak is a greater encumbrance than the opposing view that causes people who are not white or not women to be more likely to be the victims of violence or abused by the criminal justice system in a myriad of ways. The lens which color women weak pales in comparison to those injustices, so much so that it ought not to be mentioned within the same context at all. Unless, of course, your perspective is so horribly twisted as to be useless and/or you wish to undermine the plight of those who are unlike yourself.

With that said, it should be recognized that this Women’s March is further proof of the vast amounts of compassion afforded to white women in comparison to the meager amount given to every other demographic. Especially with a charter filled with blatant untruth.

As always, fuck white women.



Edit: Got too hype. Whiffed the thread. Kappa. BB at EVO. Hold that.


so, the winner for best imitation of Jailbait is all mad because people don’t recognize her,“hard work”?

Get used to it. You ain’t been there a full minute yet thinking you done did something.