SRK Lounge: More like turned on by Lesbian Seagulls


Go get 'em.



Crushed. It’s just a part time positon on Sundays doing stock and visuals, but ha room for growth to better positions so I’m happy. It’s a start.


Good shit. Better to be doing something than nothing.


How/why are you noticing them? Is there some secret “Send a Wink” feature I don’t know about… ?


I notice them because they show up near the top of the list for that reaction on my profile. Someone found an 8-year old thread and decided to give me likes for a post.



Cut George. W Bush some slack. H’es probably now only getting accustomed to the “internets”.


My kids in the other room yelling “JOHN CENA POWER!” at the top of their lungs.



Probably keeps wondering what the hell that buzzing sound is every time he tries to dial into the net.


you thought you wouldn’t get busted looking at sugaring videos on youtube, but here you are being busted by the guy that told everybody about them.:cool:

take notes, people. this is why i win The Million Award every year. i’m on another level.


Thought they killed it already.


I just tried to have an intelligent conversation with a feminists on two occasions. These women are just men haters. They’re completely unapologetic that they don’t give a shit about social issues let alone equality.

Lol, wtf was I thinking trynna talk to these folks.


You can talk to them about things that interest them that are unrelated to politics.


He’s a creep. He tried to ask them if he could protect their smiles. And they said “biiiiitch step off”



Didn’t you learn from trying to talk to the first one?



You should try posting in r/relationship in reddit. I swear they’ve taken over that sub and are advising other women to break up from their SOs in almost every single post.


Another vid of my lovely Power Ranger movie girls… both my new #1 Queen, Naomi Scott AND the outstanding Becky G.!

:wow: like Tekno says I want to protect that smile, folks… lawd have mercy godDAMN. :wow:

Glimpse of Naomi thigh at about 1:43 or so :sweat:


I wish it was that simple. They’re advising lying about abuse and destroying men’s lives through divorce.