SRK Lounge: More like turned on by Lesbian Seagulls


man, there is something about Ed O’Neill’s delivery that amuses me to no end :rofl:


Like in what non-canon alternate universe are you a nigga?

Chet is obviously not even on the level of VIPER or 3PAC. Very unsuccessful career.

We might need to check the timeline on this sequence of events.

Did Tom Hanks son join Shoryuken under the pseudonym a rapper calls himself in one goofy line by not even believing he is a human being?

Who you run with?

THE SQUIGGAS [right]#over there[/right]


Eminem has used the word Nigga, and uses Nig in the song Biterphobia.


Well, I spotted another one… fortunately this is rare— at work the other day, while I was at a urinal, a dude left the handicap stall (the stall MOST people use to shit, y’know…always that handicap stall on the end)…but he did NOT stop to was his hands…this dude just walked right out of there without washing hands, folks.

*I’m still on those youtube searches— “gymshark haul”, “bikini try-on”, “leggings squat test”, etc. Hell yeah the results looking quite delicious.



im gonna tell ya a funny interesting story.
there was this black girl i saw for a few dates. she was hella pear shaped. very curvy. a real woman.
we get to bedroom right.
wait…before that. when we texted/sexted…she kept going on about me sucking her clit.
i’m like “ok” cuz why wouldnt i? present and serve and i’ll go down.
well anyway.
so we in bed right.
remember…she’s 100% woman.
so i’m fiddling around her vajayjay…and i feel her clit.
its pretty big. i mean. we all know that clits like dicks come in different sizes.
and i’ve had clits that were damn near microscopic and clits that were like the size of a bean. you’ve all been there and done that.
so as i’m playing with her vajayjay…
i notice…
it keeps getting bigger and bigger.
before i knew it her clit was about as long as a pinky finger. at least my pinky finger in size. i have small hands. not like WWE Big Show hands. just small hands.
but still. a clit as long as my pinky finger

it sorta felt…like a dick. idk. even though i knew it wasnt. cuz she was def a real girl. in every way. but the longest fucking clit like…ever.
it wasnt thick, just long. really long. it just…got erect. not erect like it stood up. but just long in length. still like layed flat on her vagina.
uh, needless to say my expression was like

i did NOT go down on her.
but i did still fuck her.
i was a little turned off though. took me while to get over it. i suckled her breast and stuff to get back in the mood.
i think she was disappointed i didnt go down on her but after i felt her clit of clits…i understood her pestering to suck her clit.
it woulda been like sucking a dick.

i aint see her after that tho. moved on. plus she was a tad too…um. docile? quaint? whats the word…not wild enough in bed attitude wise. idk. just. whatever.


Act like White Mens can’t FUNK

Black/Colored women have to have a
"White Lady" On-The Phone voice
For doing business or else you get no help

[indent]That’s why 99% of the WNBA can’t DUNKMAN?![/indent]

when you try to put brown there as a natural progression but that sqwiggyspiderman gets in the way


yunno…i think she actually modeled herself to look like Frank Frazetta’s catwoman

Edit: dont post nudity drawn or otherwise. You should know this by now.

Thank you


EVER LET THE 2 RACIALLY AMIBIGUIT --charts co mingle… outside of interracial porn tag

We interrupt an important squigga presentation to read StockyJam’s post?!

One of the best Gouki players in the world has a tumblr domain of his name and the content all fits one particular body part of a woman fetish. Not your subject tonight. Not calves or feet either. But if you’re a porn akuma and look for yours

Even just the phrase.


You’d find squiggas ^ submitting those real big clits.


Some one had a good 4/20 thinking imma read all that.

hope yall had a good weed day!


That’s pretty close to the tumblr name/tag of picture content.

Shit was probably created by someone who knows what’s up with the Buttholehands discogs. “Buttholesurfers” are biters.


Gateway drug peddler? Poor disposition and really needs to use all available places to matchmake we’re not the cause or your dire straights due to work related stress–

Oh Shit I got one after watching that Sqwitch Squigga trailer

Albino American DeeJay!


i aignt mad at this




she went through sooo much effort putting that body corset she might as well have gone to the gym. cuz that looked like a massive workout.


My eyes… wtf



“This has got to be jelly…because jam don’t shake like that!!!”


Look closely and you can see Wendy Williams hard on.


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