SRK Lounge: More like turned on by Lesbian Seagulls


I see you @StockyJam




Nigga u trying to bankrupt Capcom or what? How else they gonna keep milkin’ SFV if players can color edit Laura the roster? :bee:

I highly suggest you do simulations first by selecting one stock symbol after research etc, and just keep track of the price change. Once you have a solid idea of the market flow; then actually put money. It takes A LOT of effort imo unless you really know the industry/sector. I thought I knew IT game sector but $3k+ loss later, nope :lol: . I had since moved some of my $$ into loan investment such as


Niggas thinking they can play the stock market like GTAV


i was wondering while posting that Frank Frazetta painting, if it was gonna get me in trouble with its nudity. it did.

guess we cellmates angelpalm.

drop your blanket and moonwalk out our cell @angelpalm


Why u gotta crush fellow nig’s dreams like that man? I know i will eventually recover that $3k+ loss :mad:



Snip long posts and stop making terrible posts of your own. All your doing is quoting long ass posts just for some shitty gif reply.



See, it had nothing to do with the nude painting and totally everything to do with you being a perpetual asshat.



Video game music


I can’t wait to visit my first weed dispensary. I’m going to go approach the counter and ask ‘how much for one marijuana?’



hes talking about someone else Manx. hes talking to the new guy. next time read carefully. :tdown:


You gonna end up getting jacked up off the ground when you ask it if it has change for a hunnit.



My post still applies. :coffee:


Since it is friday…



VGM Friday…


yall wanna see me break out of jail?
cuz i can.
see how im in jail? behind bars? watch me pick the lock and leave the jail cell.
watch. im gonna Shawshank my way outta this cell in my next post.
leaving this just for reference how i looked like before this jailbreak.


You guys need to get on this.

(Also has many pics)


I missed last week, but here’s another instalment of Rap Friday Album intros.

DMX - Intro

“Dog, that’s my mans and them”


took me a while…but im finally free leaving only an empty jail cell!
shawshanked! im posting right now from Mexico boys.

@Pertho catch me if you can!


i literally have nothing better to do while i wait for my adrenals to rebound.
it takes 2 weeks to a month before i can be off the high doses of hydrocortisone.
i actually had a date today but had to cancel cuz i just didnt feel well enough.
which sucks.
but…i just couldnt. still feel hella tired and weak. my leg muscles still burn from the high lactic acid. and my kidneys are really taxed right now.
magnesium oil works wonders for ridding lactic acid in the muscles. so does sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda. try it after a workout. gets rid of the burn.
man im bummed i had to cancel that date. i should be frenching a girl i really lke right now. :bawling:


Happy Friday y’all!

The sad part is I would dick Ms. Dunst down hard dressed like that.