SRK Lounge: More like turned on by Lesbian Seagulls


I know Windex is primarily used for glass but could there be any negative side effects if someone used it to clean their asshole after a shit? (Asking for a friend)


Confirmation that this is indeed @“Tekno Virus”…


Finished reading a story about this white guy throwing slurs at a Puerto Rican man who spoke on the phone to his mom in Spanish. This guy showed a lot of restraint because the offender was in a wheelchair.


I would’ve planted my Doc Marten’s on the dude’s chest and made him fall backwards. Would’ve proceeded to tie his useless legs in a knot knowing he couldn’t do shit to stop it.


Here’s the video of it:


Masterpiece @EPIDEMIC aka MP Sunstreaker revealed!



Whitey the Cripple would’ve fucked you up, don’t front.


Thurst, shut the hell up. You probably would’ve bent over for that guy.

“Yeah, I can see where I deserve to be called the N-word. Sorry for disrespecting you.”

Ol’ flip-over-easy ass.

SR-2K$ Lounge: How the hell does NuRK work?

that sounds like that scene from you don’t mess with the zohan:

well, it’s a palestinian in regular clothes anyway lololol


With his Bone Density score of -2 from all those years of alcohol abuse, it would probably be a fair fight. :coffee:


Damn, this is the best chick I’ve ever seen posted on Sunday Bunday. Excellent choice sir.


I respect dude for keeping his composure towards the Ku Klux HandiKlan. Any other person would have done this to him.


Only in my city…


I’ll never have a drink called a Bill Cosby.

Going to wake up in an orgy den as the carpet.


Got married over the weekend. NBD, but am not used to wearing a ring. Keep expecting it to turn me invisible or have Green Lantern powers.


I’m sorry to hear, buddy. At least you can change your mind whenever you want.


instagram name.


cocaine_white aka ashlynn owens


That reassignment surgery must have cost a grip.


Fuck this guy, he’s like Tekno except instead of trying to get people “promotions” with unspoilered half naked chicks so he’s not the only guy here to get sacked for being a creep, this guy posts half naked abominations.


Best/Worst part of gains at the gym? damn MILFs can’t stop touching you. Fine when I am single but dammnit my girl is right there.