SRK Lounge: More like turned on by Lesbian Seagulls


See you at the party, Richter!



Spoilered for convenience,

Thank you.


After posting that audio abomination, I hope you get hammered, then hammer yourself in the hammer with a hammer…In Hammertime.





Angelpalm done gone all power drunk DM, furry, pan-sexual (as in he likes to fuck pans), SJW (Super Jehovah’s Witness), metro-sexual 2033, rainbow crapadash pony baloney, female Mewtwo creepy alien sex thingie over here.



Please don’t make the lounge obnoxious to read.

Thank you.


I didn’t click on the video in the first post but I can tell it’s just full of ignant by the video preview. I would have posted this sooner but it took me about 2 minutes to scroll down to the dialogue box.




Prep-time, Perth-man?


Bunch of first page hogs.
They probably aren’t even going to use their SRKrystals on anything good.
Just MORE buttplugs. And not even the premium ones.



ayy I made it :cool:


Well, apparently this lounge should’ve been titled “SRK Lounge: Each Page Might As Well Be 100 Pages Edition” :coffee:


Fuck the police!!!



So then.

If Preppy is the new Ronin Chaos, and our official Nightwing (re: Superior Batman), then which of the others is our new Drake?

The Damned? :coffee:

Does that make Pertho Damian?


@pertho over here going ham on my post.

fucking pigs man…you know how i feel about them pigs right @drizzt360


wait wut?


These look terrible.


First page boi!


Of the Bat-kids, Valaris shall, in my heart and mind, always be:

Moving on, Beyond was a solid Sci-Fi action flick.

Picard would weep, I’m sure, but he can just get back up on stage and King Lear at me, and fuck right off… freck’n Red Shirt-ass Capt.


"Hey guys, this is 2- D, coming to you live from a Hilton Hotel room where my latest tinder sexploit won’t let me leave the bath room on account of me not peeing on her.

Is it because I’m black? Is it because shes a weird white woman? Check back at srk news @ 9!"