SRK Lounge: More like turned on by Lesbian Seagulls


So then.

If Preppy is the new Ronin Chaos, and our official Nightwing (re: Superior Batman), then which of the others is our new Drake?

The Damned? :coffee:

Does that make Pertho Damian?


@pertho over here going ham on my post.

fucking pigs man…you know how i feel about them pigs right @drizzt360


wait wut?


These look terrible.


First page boi!


Of the Bat-kids, Valaris shall, in my heart and mind, always be:

Moving on, Beyond was a solid Sci-Fi action flick.

Picard would weep, I’m sure, but he can just get back up on stage and King Lear at me, and fuck right off… freck’n Red Shirt-ass Capt.


"Hey guys, this is 2- D, coming to you live from a Hilton Hotel room where my latest tinder sexploit won’t let me leave the bath room on account of me not peeing on her.

Is it because I’m black? Is it because shes a weird white woman? Check back at srk news @ 9!"


Did you pee IN her, though?



Nice, I made it on the first page! I’m part of the cool crowd! :tup:

Edit: MotherFUCK.


This post goes oh so well with that av.


Great Scott!


when are you getting back to Las Cruces? Running tournaments at some gaming convention there. You should hit me up.


I’m getting married here in Boise October 1st. After that we might plan a trip down that way. There’s also a chance I might have some work down there for a month or so, and our long term plan is to move back there eventually. I’ll let you know if we do so you guys can beat on my shitty Balrog.


Hey hey hey…Look on the bright side. There’s only 498 more pages to go before you get another chance. :wink:


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This some outworldhouse problems. :coffee:


“Miss the first page of the new Lounge”

Just fucking great. . .


The Warning system is turrible. You used to be able to ban people for any arbitrary unit of time, now it’s just 5 pts of Warnings is a 2 or 4 week timeout. Sucks because most times people can just chill for a couple hours and come back normal. :sad:


When I was 15 or 16 I fucked a black girl who begged me to pee in her pussy right before she came, it was weird and I couldn’t leave her place fast enough.