SRK Lounge New Owners beta

So the long ass threads with plenty of one line posts are making haywire of the servers so the original lounge was closed.
Now everytime this thread will reach 1k posts I will close and start a new one, to avoid threads with 10k posts in them.
Try to limit the number of 1 line posts if possible. In the meantime, enjoy.

Edit: Yes I talked to Inkblot.

:confused: inkblot closed the last Lounge thread and asked to not create another. Did any of you guys take up the subject to him?

You know it’s bad when one of the admins comes in to lock things up. I just wanna know if this thread is gonna be locked in the next day or so.

word that’s wsup. we need to cut down on the mvc3 imo considering there’s a forum dedicated to that sorta thing.

considering val is a mod, i’mma assume hashed it out…the lounge chat confirms my assumption.

Is that what happened? I thought SRK was throwing a hissy fit because the Lounge actually had better Marvel 3 discussion compared to that thing they called the marvel 3 section. :shake:

Damn that means my NBA thread won’t reach 1000 pages.

So much for that plan. =(

Guessing the forum is trying to brace for the potential slamming it’s going to get when MvC3 hits. I thought that MvC3 made for a better topic than yet more girl talk, but you all know my stance on that.

What is wrong with the one sentence discussions or responses :confused:

Was the lounge really causing the servers to buckle?

Aren’t you married now? Of course you don’t.

Hey look, another sentence to not waste precious MvC3 space, those kids need the space for 12 threads regarding Megaman not being in.

Too many black people in there.

I guess since that is just one line, and SRK is all about posting quality stuff now, I’m going to talk about the Larry Sanders show.

I just started watching the Larry Sanders show on Netflix. I am on season 3 now. It’s like a less funny version of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry Sanders gives off that annoying seinfeld vibe, where he was getting all these hot chicks and it really isn’t believable because he’s a pussy. That’s not to say he isn’t funny, he is funny. Maybe I am just hating? It’s probably that.

Hank is funny, and I enjoy his assistant. They are a funny team. Rip Torn is also making me laugh as Artie. Most surprising is just how adorable Jeanne Garfalo used to be. What a cutie pie.

Here is a question I will pose to all of you. In a land animal battle, who would you put your money on? Would the odds on favorite be gorilla?

Could a gorilla beat an elephant? Or would elephant just be too big and not eligible for land animal wars?

Would tragic ban me if I typed 54th, or whatever number post I was, on a front page article? That would make me laugh if I was an admin.

In other news, burritos are good.


Please don’t ban me.

QE - We are all smart asses. Is GD really THAT big of a problem? It can’t be. This is like capcom lying about the difficultly of morphing characters and then putting Lei Lei and Shuma in.

lol az stop being old. you’re gonna make us have to old boy your ass to get you back on the straight and narrow.

there’s literally a whole forum to mvc3 and sf4, for that matter…yet we’re gonna talk about here, i would say you guys should just make another thread for that…but then you know, it’d get moved FGD or somewhere (which is a hint that that’s where the discussion belongs in the first place).

There’s a fighting game lounge at FGD, iirc.

LOL @ the 1-line posts already. GD Lounge probably won’t be around much longer. 2011 is going to be a repeat of 09 thanks to Marvel, so I’m bracing for other concessions in the future.

Lounge makes GD less cluttered, but I guess the server load is worse than petty topics that don’t have enough traction for a real thread. Unless there’s a better idea (besides chat)

That takes all of Million having a tangent on Jill’s DLC ass in her polygon spandex.

Really - the subform is that bad.

As I see it.

You might as well just shut down GD all together if one thread is making servers overload. Here is three dollars for premium niggas. Go upgrade your shit from windows 95.

In other news, I just realized one of my hands was covered in wax. I was wondering why my pizza tasted funny.

You say it as a joke, but I wouldn’t be surprised one bit of it happens. I’m with Taito on this one. Lounge makes GD a lot less cluttered. Instead of a freaking thread for everything (Beguiled) we put our random thoughts in the Lounge talk about it for 2 pages and then moved on. Sad day if this shit vanished. :sad:

Oh and I rather talk MVC3 over here instead of their sub forum, is because most people over here have some background in the fgc and know what the fuck they talking about.

I think GD lounge is a blessing and the anti spam of SRK. The people who frequent it, do not create other useless threads, post in shitty sub forums, or spam else where. Imagine if there were no lounge. That would mean no more older SRK crowd and good luck getting the teens of this site to click on ads or anything.

so what are the odds that Feb 15th could crash SRK???

honestly if there were no lounge i would probably post mainly in the rap thread…although these days i post there way less frequently. so i guess i’d really just wait for funny news threads to pop up and start punning.

I am convinced that a SINGLE poster is responsible for the lounge being the size that it was. Try and take a wild guess as to who that is.

In other news…man I am liking that…Watching Power Kids, and these children just totally gave this big diesel white guy the Shocker?. Fucking Ong Bak meets the Three Ninjas my dudes.

Judging by the number of posts, it says that Kzoh was the one who posted the most (400). So…yeah…

I do encourage MvC 3/SSF IV talk here as opposed to the IQ cesspool that is their particular forums…but more often than not, some problems over there get carried over here (people bitching about Sentinel/secret wishlists for MvC 3, and the usual SF IV hate that can be felt even when we’re not talking about SF IV), and perhaps that is what we should avoid.

This thread feels way to empty… and most of Kzoh’s posts were either, “Ayo look at this sloppy booty bish”, or ice cube gif…:shake::mad::clown:

400 posts is only like eight pages still… best tags ever:rofl:

I keep forgetting that this site is for video games.