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I just PMed you my mailing address for a GTX 690. Thanks.


yea so I will get to play cvs2 tomorrow.

I am already excited. I like how I am always ready even though I never play anything now(busy). its like riding bike. you never forget…:coffee:


Ordered an on its way. Enjoy.



Like, sponsor needed bro.


you don’t even practice? :o

anyways, to wtf-akuma hax…you were talking about p4a?


What do you do? Why should I sponsor you?


Hey guys I found a rare picture of Valaris at his day job.



I would buy a Negro Install Clockwork Technology computer.


last time I ‘practiced’ was like…I dunno maybe 5 years ago lol. I dont even have a crt monitor now. sometimes I just hit up psn for some lagfighter3turdstrike. next time I am on there I am gonna send random GD people FRs. I am getting on that marvel1 train. just the music alone is worth my $15:eek:


Yo so I’m just watching the Fox News Machine fall apart at the seems on the Daily show, when this giant fucking ant jumps me. This motherfucker was huge. Holy shit, just chillin on my foot lookin for the perfect bit to knaw off. God damn he was huge…Who knows how many more of them are just chillin there in the shadows.


it practically sells it self!

other than that,

A rumor is going around that John Witherspoon has died…


I still want one of those shirts. However I am so white the shirt itself would kick my ass.


(You say that like Fox News is held together by anything but thinly veiled bigotry, lies and shouting.)

Well, I guess making a new thread technically makes the other easier to catch up on. So…“thanks” and such, Valaris.


Bruv, dont be playin with my emotions…



Dat Fast Fly!

So I’ve been thinking about getting KOFXIII once I purchase a PS3. How’s the learning curve? Do the links/chains have a similar feel to CVS2? Is move execution roughly the same?

Sorry… I haven’t played a KOF since KOF '99 and I didn’t have any comp to take it seriously.


Im not…

but his death is trending on twitter.


My next bowl for you John! Pull through!!!


Damn…I hope it’s just a rumor.


there’s nothing on TMZ so…

niggas are really bad with the jokes.

I hope.


Hey now. I sponsor this thread, and I don’t need this kind of sadness in here. Take it somewhere else! Don’t mess with me!