SRK Lounge Population Control Edition mk 2


Here’s the new one.

It seems I have to make about one a week. Not too bad.


Essentially this is a move from Dachau to Auschwitz


I wonder if anyone else will get that horrible joke/comparison.

Anyway, once a week is actually less than I was expecting as much as the other ones get spammed at times.

So, yeah, why are the Clone Wars animations actually good even though the prequels are so fucking horrible? (Also, why the fuck does Beyblade still come on? Really…?)


Just thought of something: what if Rockstar did a game for Shaka Zulu?

No horses, no cars, just this nigga traveling everywhere by foot.

Fun times…


Why Shaka Zulu? You act like people care about him enough for him to be marketable.

To put it bluntly, no one cares about that nigga except for some black people.

Now a Rockstar game about (Black) Jesus (or some other ancient religious figure, like Buddha or something), that would sell…


Wow, those 1000 posts sure go by quickly when people post random crap and filler.

I just killed 1/1000th of the thread. Bwa ha ha.
Power overwhelming.


What prompted the 1000 post limit on lounge?


Nope no body got it - much less a Million.

Also, what shirts do you wear, mang?

Please tell me your anti-insanity stance extends to the Protestant Work Ethic attire, as well.

As I see it.


More then likely bandwidth for the website. The Lounge thread is always one of the biggest and it is just easier to just close up shop and open a new one.


(Still listening to [media=youtube]ihF_aXi-Huk&feature=related[/media]. I kind of want to see The Fountain just because of this song…)

To be truthful, given what an uptight bastard I am, I mostly just wear (old) polos and shit. I’m not “preppy” or anything. I always wear a jacket anyway, even when it’s 80+ outside. I just tend to like thicker t-shirts because it makes me feel like I have more covering this wretched thing we call the human body. [/angst]

Holy shit. A new avatar.

Does this mean that you finished Singled Out? (Yes, I will keep bugging you about this as long as I remember.)


That’s a bingo.

Dozens of thousands of post in one thread do tend to bring about the “Oh fuck SRK maintenance BRB” message.


Not yet I have to steal it back from Brian, I have been working 2 jobs so haven’t had time to go over there. I actually wanted one of the animated sprites for my avie like some people have with the scott pilgrim characters but this is fine.


New job, free train ride, we go from german hairy girls to sweet skinned polish, and besides, how many give a rats ass about those who survived Dachau? Auschwitz is the it spot for historians :slight_smile:


Tornado Flame died?


As I see it.


He was talking about dling roms and shit I believe.



I thought he meant he was dead-dead.

So has T.Flame or FlamingTornado been “born” yet?

As I see it.


Stop Hatin’.

Shaka Zulu is very relavent to a lot of gamers that are in the 25-35 age group which is like 45% (I estimate) of the gaming community.

Plus, Shaka was the meanest, brutal, actual person (not fictional like John Martson) to step foot on a battle field.

I don’t see how a game that would potentially be about “light-skinnted” man chasing after SBBW’s. How and why would anyone want to play 40+ hours of that?

Fuck that. Shaka Zulu for MvsC3!!!


You left a “W” out of that acronym

I hear the “find the wet spot” minigame is lame as hell, too.

As I see it.


New lounge thread already? Don’t know if I’ll ever get used to this… :coffee:


I see.

For shame. I never want to take the “W” out of something like that.

FYI, the only reason why I’m even bringing up SZ is because there’s a marathon of the mini series on Centric/BET2 which I haven’t seen that series in like 10+ years. use to watch it all the time as a kid. Mainly because of the nudity, and back in those days a Black kid never saw a Black woman’s breasteses on tv very often especially in the 80’s until the early 90’s.

I think Million can back me up on that if he cares to…