SRK Lounge President's Choice edition


It’s like no name but canadian.


I’d like to take this time to thank my F5 key for being a trooper


Sanford Kelly chose this thread? :o


What’s this I keep reading about Clint Eastwood talking to a chair…


At the RNC he was having a pretend conversation with Obama, Obama being the chair


And from that…the media is implying he’s senile?


:annoy::arazz::mad: :annoy::arazz::mad::annoy::arazz::mad:


…I’d choose Pikachu’s mom over these presidents. :tdown:



@Clint Eastwood: Doesn’t help that he’s actually playing a senile old man in his new movie. Blah blah, media overblowing things, blah blah, politics, etc…


The dishwasher at my job looks like a mix of Clint Eastwood & Freddy Krueger, but older and completely hilarious. I have to take over his 8AM shifts while he’s in the hospital, I don’t even have any goddam training with the machine.


Obama’s reply to Clint’s senile “empty chair” rant

[details=Spoiler]BarackObama: This seat’s taken.,




I don’t like this topic name.


Yipes for President.


DISLIKE. I feel jilted for having just bought the Nature Affinity set, and only getting to play with it for another 2 months. I want a refund!


Dammit, Chowz, between this post and that Yipes thread, you’re quickly turning into one of my favorite posters here.


Let’s hear it for whatever. Fuck


There’s still a tiny sliver of hope, but don’t hold your breath on it.

The guys that run Titan Network (Paragon Wiki, Mids Hero Designer, etc.) are trying to get in talks with NCSoft to see what they can get them to agree with in regards to keeping shit running, be it licensing out the server software (cheapest option, but would all but mean future content is still dead), or as much as obtaining the IP and codebase. In any case, if there’s any success from Titan Network, it may not be over after all.

Also, fuck, had no clue that people on here even played this shit. I just came in here with that to vent.


Rabbit post


Chimaria was the first metal concert i went to (with Ill Nino, 40 Below Summer, and some band that was trying its hardest to sound like Static-X). it was great.

@ Flyleaf -what do you think? and Swept Away has an amazing chorus.

@ Coal Chamber- probably the most overrated nu-metal bands ever. i’d bet most of their popularity came through sexy-ass Hot Topic darling Rayna Foss. they had a couple of ok songs, but not enough to warrant you even remembering them for this long. Dez is a damn good front man though and i’m gladDevilDriver is around

@ Cradle of Filth- nah

@ Killswitch Engage- decent band. they are well produced (the guitarist produces them). they are funny. not worth hating on. haven’t kept up with them lately though.

@ other gay shit - probably. i’m a well rounded guitarist. i also listen to Junior Brown, Bjork, Stan Getz, Beck, Sunn 0)), Hed(pe), Chet Atkins, 311, and a bunch of other bands and musical genres you probably hate. real talk if you like The Chariot and you don’t play an instrument, you’re a hipster. sorry. my posts are canon. Dino Cazares shrug


Chimaira is godlike
The only Hed(pe) song I really listen to is Represent


oop, street fighter joke on adult swim just now. alert the frontpage