SRK Lounge "RockB cracks corn and I don't care"


Just sayin, because I know there should be comments on this:



…Wonder why that last RR album was independent.

That rage is no nice, I liked it twice.


:rofl: stop instagatin

why does that dude get a spirit animal?

and Coolboarders 2 is the best snowboarding game

I don’t even live in jersey…
Smelly ass fucking state.

I think you should definitely be scared of him.

That’s why I won’t play games online I’m sensitive to people talking about my mom and I’m afraid that they might be able to find me and hurt me irl or at the very least get me banned from PSN…

Reply with “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” punctuation optional.

Isn’t RockB dead?

Man, it is weird being me. Only girl I thought I wanted to sleep with, but then didn’t is living in dakota now. I want to visit her, but I don’t know why. And I miss her. I wish I was like the rest of you with the simple choice of wanting to fuck a girl or not.

Scared? nay.

So you can look at it and go: Oh shit son, this dude’s got set ups and fucking shit. But in reality he has really shitty moves and sometimes the Wolf comes out. He can’t do anything resembling a cool blockstring, can’t really hit buttons worth a shit AND people are constantly mad disrespectful of the wolf so they’ll hit you out of his long start up animation on some of the moves.

Wolf is there to piss you off, not the opponent, but the person using it.

Nah, he found out Death was female and drop kicked her on the way to work.


But while I was looking for Shaft’s rant I tried to get him to post a couple days ago I found his “What we see: <|> <|> what he looks for: |> <|” diagram. Now I know what to look for

HOLY FUCKING SHIT WOW. This time it ain’t even me wilding out like that. HOLY SHIT

I may have to consider easing up on the “must maintain a certain level of fame” rule for the Magnificent 5™, because Nicole Ari Parker is looking so RIDICULOUSLY good right now… she was already nice before when she had that show…ah yes it was called “Soul Food”… now she has evolved into something much, much better. This girl looks so gorgeous right now… I might need to have a “session” to her later tonight. She is unfuckingbelievable… I couldn’t be on the set of that movie…it would just be a matter of time before I was escorted away from the premises by security. Damn it I want to break something now… she’s so hot it has me frustrated over here.

Stay awhile and listen.

Gave permission error so I’m guessing it was set to invisible already. Guess we have to wait for the “IP ban harder” thread.

I wonder what he did to get banned the first time now…

Start putting links to pics in your fucking posts like this. I look her up on google and I’m not seeing anything special, just a mix of Blu Cantrell and Reshma Shetty, but both of them outrank her.

You watch Suits million? That show has three main girls, none of them top-top tier, but I’ve spent quite a minute trying to decide which is hotter.

Got damnit. I was gonna post that retarded “first” internet meme.

iFail. :shake: