SRK Lounge: Ronin was here

Yeah. I was.

Carry on.

Mine was better. I banned RockyB.

Pics or liar.

Do you have to take coumadin for that pulmonary embolism you had a while back?

It’s so clean and tidy in here, I can’t wait until we dirty this lounge up.

Countdown to booty eating discussions in 5…4…3…

What the fuck? Much love.

I haven’t taken coumadin since like 2010. No issues since. I can’t believe you remember that. lol

Why couldn’t the last one go for another 500 pages or so?


Damn, I have probably missed like 5,000 posts.

Good. :coffee:

lol, get rekt SoVi3t

First page and no GIF from @RockBogart?

Is the world coming to an end…

Phew, barely made it y’all :cool:

Quick, spam this page so it can’t happen!

What, this page?

Ronin_Chaos the closest thing here to a fellow PR so:

Well look who’s back…

I was trying to type a post into the last thread, and all of a sudden it darkens the page and shows a pop-up of Million’s post, and I’m like “dafuq”. It was trying to tell me the thread had been closed by showing me the last post made in it. Did a really crap job of it though since I had to look at it for a few minutes before realizing what had happened.

New Lounge, same old shitty Vanilla.

Indeed, this page!

Man, I don’t know…