SRK Lounge: Ronin was here


got damn I’m still laughing:



I assumed Miss Universe didn’t matter anymore since we have easily accessible porn…


Niggas blowing up Steve Harvey, lol


Finally got around to beating Fallout 4.


cheh, another little meme I just spotted making the rounds… a picture of Urkel and Laura with some text about how the person “God” has for you may not look or be like what you’re used to but they will have the love you need… nig please. I don’t think you ladies really want to go there with this big game of pretend…get called out with the quickness on such horseshit…ESPECIALLY back in those junior high and high school days—if you were an “Urkel”…no, “Laura” was NOT giving you the time of day. She’ll give you the time of day perhaps about 20 to 25 years later when that biological clock starts tickin’, and she’s getting a bit desperate to find someone. A “Laura” will typically give an “Urkel” the time of day when she’s ready to SETTLE, and not a moment sooner. (*and how does THAT feel, you idiot? …that you aren’t REALLY what she wanted…you’re just the “consolation prize”? Guys in that situation should really take a moment to analyze just how shitty that really is. Sometimes people even outright say it–“I’ve had my fun…”–so now she’s settling for you.)

Personally, it warms my heart to see them all suffer for their poor choices. You like the Chris Brown types? How’s that occasional domestic violence taste? It’s fun learning how to “take a bump” like a WWE superstar, isn’t it? Yeah get beat you worthless trash. Get shit on. I want to see you bitches crash and burn forever. It’s like I can smell the fragrance of their ruined lives… it fuels the soul.

*edit–and even if “God” were a real thing out there, it’s highly unlikely such a being would give a shit anyway.


facebook is showing me ads for “writing coach”

niggas know my writing is shitty. but I usually just get someone to do it anyway lol. its hard when you speak 5 different languages :looney:


I’ve always wondered about this since there are many “homeskillets” on SRK.

How many of you actually celebrate Kwanzaa?


You got to be fucking smoking if you think she looks wack. Pia Alonzo was hot as hell in that bikini part…

How can she be considered “yellow fever” to begin with, she was darker than most of the non asians there.


For us men it’s like “if you had a chance to fuck any of these women, who would you choose?”.



Kwanza is not a cool holiday


I want to expand on this question assuming no one here does or has celebrated Kwanzaa: does anyone know any families that does celebrate Kwanzaa?


Kwanza sounds broken and should be in fighting games

kwanza cancel that shit !! :confused:


Bet 10k at some point in independence day 2, they ask jeff goldblum to hack a ship with a laptop, and he responds at how impossible that is. lol


Usually, men choose the best looking one if you don’t give a shit about her personality and you just want to fuck. How is Miss Universe voted as Miss Universe anyway? Is it just a popularity contest? If it is, then it’s bullshit to me.


Okay, Million. :slight_smile: God is not real. Because God is Nothingness. :slight_smile: You can call God “The Void” that creates darkness and light and when combined, darkness and light makes the universe. In reality, God is not person.


Of course not, she’s a woman.


Is that what Million thinks of them? Seriously, man, his hateful tirades towards God and women are hilarious.