SRK Lounge: Ronin was here


So where’s the C.Viper Rapper album cover tho…


Wife money, not women. Viper is the philosophical genius of our time.

[details=Spoiler][color=transparent]Matriarch has helped nobody’s relationship with their Sony Sexbox, so-- why everyone wanna help Matriarch relationship with coming on the internet ANGRY botheirng us with your butt pains dildo poking hurt box BDSM LMNOP double u ecks why and zee. Despite the weirdest weirdoes around here, no, this isn’t rock bottom and your group of people you finally fit into.[/transparent]
Why nobody comment on those press spoiler don’t close it FIFO lazy bimbo slice.


The saga of SWBeta & Matriarch continue live at:



Ok so what happened then


Are you really streaming at 8 in the morni- ohhhhhh wait you’re in Korea. How long you streaming for? I aint doing shit today so I might attend after I get back home soon. There’s no way in hell I can fall asleep.


phantom angel the kinda guy that eats a roll of dental floss so that he can slowly come to a shuddering climax as he pulls it out his ass


Only did a couple hours, I was kinda tanked but wanted to keep the stream going. This little bit will be a weekly thing at least. I’ll try to stream other days eventually.


But is it mint flavored?


Do they even make floss in flavors other than mint?


Sponsored by Rick Ross :bee:



@“Phantom Angel” right now:



probably why raz1st can’t spell for shit…


This typing-with-four-hands motherfucker out here really trying to talk shit?


when neesa lost ‘best relationship’

to Sanford and Sentinel.

SRK and Neesa

maybe next year.


edit: got dammit blindknagg lol I had forgot to click on post comment…at least post a pic next time fucker


VG Fridays:

Uncharted 2: Monastery/UC collection menu remix


Well, I was going to go to work today but Nature had other plans… it’s like a dramatic blizzard scene from a movie out there. Then… I hear the office is closed of course so it’s a free day off and thus… not subtracting from my leave time (*I have plenty of time built up anyway; a few hundred hours because I’m awesome like that)…hell yeah, man. More time for Diablo 3 today then…I must continue building my demon hunter up to be another GOD.

I’m surprised when I see people still out there apparently intending to show up at work…that’s insane.


The downside of working from home is that I can’t use a blizzard as an excuse. Last year I was snowed in a few times but because I work from home I was expected to put in a full day’s work.

I’ve become adept at using excuses like “my electricity went out” or “My internet shut off” but they don’t buy it all the time. One time my boss called me and said, “Look. I know you work from the bar some days. I need this done. Go there, get your beer, and get to fucking work.” I died that day.


Stops Jimmy’s weak ass hand with my mind alone

here. do this…

Types in Mellisa benoist’s name into a search engine and hits “Search”

NOTE: Do not do this at work because she has nudz.

dude, she ain’t go not jiggle. NONE. ZERO.

Super WHAT? Not super butt.
Cheeleader outfits don’t fit for shit.
Enemies wanna hit dat, but what they gonna hit?
flatlines everywhere, I will avoid.
Only the Silver Surfer rides the ‘board’.



She is a basic Hollywood white girl, why are you surprised my friend?