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Hey Cisco / @Zatalcon / @ralph_sab : stop. I previously politely suggested you stop this. This is now a firm request to stop.

My co-worker’s little two year old kid wandered into my office today. It’s the land of toys so he got stuck a while. We tried dragging him out but he kept wandering back saying “truck!” hoping we’d let him play with the Lego truck I have that his dad didn’t want him to play with. Wish I was that cute. :\

Why would a man want to get a massage from another man unless they were both in fact homosexuals?

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Ok Damned, I like you so much (esp about faith precluding and eschewing evidence) I will let Ralph Sab get the last word in, even though he just repeated what he said last time

one last religious thought before leaving. i’m currently reading the quran. i’m almost 50% through.
appears to be way better thought out and more internally consistent than the OT/NT. It has way more fire/brimstone/burn in hell type shit than the bible, and more of the “We are the one true religion, christians and jews got it all wrong”. Most of the quotes promoting war were from a historical context when the prophet was being attacked on all sides. A lot of the quotes surprisingly talk about not attacking unless attacked first, and that showing mercy is even better. So not as bad as I thought it’d be, but definitely equal to the OT in terms of barbarism. NT is still the softest out of all three. It is quite interesting to see the Islam take on the OT/NT mythology, as they have their own versions of what happened with Joseph, Abraham, Ishmael, Jesus and other revered figures. I’m reading three versions for commentary and to get different perspectives. Learning a lot of cool history and geography, and would like to go to the middle east someday. after deconverting, i have become fascinated by the study of religion and its history.

I went to turkey a few years ago, and in the Hagia Sophia there were imans singing the Quran and it was quite beautiful to behold. Every day there would be multiple calls to prayer and would feature more singing. I’m sad to hear that the area by sultan ahmet mosque (white people call it the blue mosque and it is next to hagia sophia) got bombed by moronic fundie nutjobs. So sad to see a religion create beauty like the sultan ahmet mosque and a book that can be sung, and then ugliness of suicide morons. BTW, i have not encountered any verse so far about 72 virgins. all the verses so far describe heaven as a paradise with flowing streams and beautiful gardens. nothin about gettin laid. will post more commentary later when done.

Maybe you should stop getting your hair cut at great Clips then, why does your Barber have his nutsack on your shoulder fam

It specifically does NOT say that. It says that the money could not be “put in the treasury…” for the reason that it was blood money. That is quite different than not wanting to accept it.

Okay, then why does Matthew say that the priests purchased the field and then Acts turn around and say that it was actually Judas who purchased it? Did Judas buy it or did they? You’re not really making any coherent statement here. It seems much more like a logical loop in order to avoid confronting an obvious flaw in your beliefs.

No. This is not true. A contradiction means exactly what happened here, where Matthew’s account says one thing and the account in Acts says another. I have no clue what you mean by things “tyeing [s.i.c.] in together.” Things that contradict by their very nature cannot tie in with each other. That is the opposite of what a contradiction is.

You assume much here. At which point should one be taken serious? After another contradiction has been pointed out? Three of them? This is but one issue that can be argued against The Bible as a whole, and something tells me that even if we were to cite them all for you, you still would not be willing to accept any of them as an issue to be taken seriously about knowing the book. So why should we then, to use a very appropriate term, throw our pearls before swine?

Please cite where Fish has:

  1. Forgotten a “random” verse
  • or -
  1. Gotten mixed up on which books say what

Also, you are reverting to the same thing mentioned above: attempting to discredit him simply because he is staying on topic, the topic of the contradictions between Matthew’s and Act’s accounts of Judas Iscariot’s death. Finally, I must point out that you are forgetting that what actually happened is this:

Now who exactly is “forgetting random verses, and getting mixed up with which books says what?”

Yes. Finally we agree. We are spinning around in circles, since lookie here! We somehow find ourselves right back where we started. With the exception, of course, that I have now entered into the conversation.


You’re thinking of someone else who said that. I just pressed LOL to that post.

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We can’t talk about religion because Orochizoolander would suicide bomb Evo if you were to talk badly about Muslims.

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Girl with no legs vs girl with no arms

Who would you rather

Girl with no arms.

You know a hell of a lot more about these guys than I do.

And no, God damn it. I’m not one of them. This king never left.

No arms, definitely… the presence of (good) legs is seriously important. Prosthetic limbs are getting better and better as the years go on, so she could have some good arm replacement parts anyway.

Oh boy here we go with the Katawa Shoujo debates…

Can the girl without legs squat and get dat ass™? If no then there’s only one correct answer.

sheeeit and speaking of religion-related things… I just happened to have that on the mind recently…and yep, the very concept is still disgusting to me. God actually existing means that a supreme being was indeed a “thing”…but this supreme being stood by and did absolutely nothing to stop the LONG list of horrible things that have occurred throughout the course of human history…from small fucked up things that happen in the lives of random people, the major things like the goddamn Holocaust, slave trades, terrorists attacks, etc. Apparently that’s just all fine and dandy with the Big G. I’m sure there was plenty of times when the people suffering in those situations called out to “Him”, and what did they get? NOTHING. No magical savior to stop it…no end in sight to the torment. Just in recent years in the news—what about things like the Sandy Hook shooting? Why the hell is that motherfucking SHITHEAD ok with a random psycho showing up in an elementary school to shoot numerous small children in the face? For that matter, why is it apparently ok with small children having horrible, incurable diseases? THIS is some being that is worthy of respect and praise? No, I don’t think so.

No arms, with 3 printing technology these days she cant print herself some bionic arms

Sig worthy?

The thing is Christians will try to counter that by saying “those who suffered here will inherit the kingdom of Heaven” and all that nonsense because people still want to cling to the idea that there is an afterlife and they’ll continue to live a better life after the one they currently cling to desperately. Religion is brilliantly evil in that it can manipulate the base emotions of human fear of death and hope of something better; It helps these believers think that they just need to continue to put up with bullshit and fall in line like sheep so they can one day prosper instead of fighting for the opportunity to get ahead in this life which is the only one that matters and/or should matter. This helps the preachers continue to shave off the common folks’ wealth and keep them in line when they themselves seem to know better, unless they’ve also taken sips from their own kool-aid. Still, they continue to spew the bullshit of “oh, God is an observer in these times now and we just have to wait for his return to reclaim his people and take them to the kingdom of Heaven and blahblahyapyapdribbledribbledribble”.

Even if an afterlife exists, such as reincarnation, typically we don’t remember some former past life, though apparently there were some studies done that have shown that children seem to remember places and events that they otherwise wouldn’t ever have experienced before as they are 6 or 7 years old.

I would say so. Sonicabid roasted him like his name was Gordon Ramsay.

None of this prosthetics bullshit

Really think about it