SRK Lounge: Ronin was here


damn we gonna have to let him into our clubhouse now


It’s stinky enough as it is with the two of us.


I only wanted to drive stick because it looked cool in the movies. =(

Just like trash talking during fights in my Japanese animes.


Joshkaz is close enough to black that it will make us seem less racist by default!

I need a gif of Chewie with a beer.


black people be hustin early on. at the grocery store this kid(maybe 10) was like how much is a beef patty and the clerk said $1.50 and the rick ross looking dude was like “dayyyyum! can I owe you 50 cent?”

I was gonna give him that 50cent if he didn’t try to hustle like that :rofl:


@shatterstar what about old profiles doe…my old profile, had to have been tyrones age judging by the posts



Driving a stick (or standard…or “manual” if you don’t know how) is awesome if you’re driving a sporty car. Truck or SUV? Not so much.


Putin calling Turkey shooting down another one of their jets a ‘stab in the back’, and calls Turkey “accomplices of terrorists”. He of course claims the jet never entered Turkish airspace, every other country says it did. Either way, it didn’t reply to hails for 10 minutes, what the fuck did they expect?

Sneaky fucking russians.


Turks gotta put a slash before that hail.
Gotta treat Russians like they’re from 1999.


You drive a car and think of a car as an applience. Probably buy a Ferrari to just score whores and or as a status symbol. Nothing wrong with that, but it explains why you think it’s over rated. Paddle shifters will never be as engaging.

You’ll just never know, until you drive for fun, and not for the sake of getting to point a to b and occasionally c.


Corner store I go to no longer has Stroke Face working there, dunno if she had another stroke or they realized it wasn’t Hallowe’en and it was time to stop scaring away customers. But they brought back this useless hag. She’s like 28 years old but looks 80, from the drugs and whatever the fuck else makes her look that broken. She has full on BROWN fucking teeth. And I go into the store so many times, and she’s on her fucking cell phone, while her fucking kids run around the store cleaning it for her, and servicing customers. Yeah, I want smokes, but I don’t want a child giving them to me. And I can’t count the number of times I go there, and she’s with her new bf of the week, smoking a joint. Bitch, fucking do some work, I don’t wanna wait for your child to climb up on a counter to hunt down my product, or get confused by extremely simple math.


I take my car to the wash before every weekend shift. Inside and out, and I wash my interior seat covers. My shit’s fucking immaculate. Even got blue mood lights installed–that gets the white girls crazy. My music is p legit, too. Pleasant sounding, catchy, neutral shit that anyone can listen to. Unless it’s Disney music night or some shit I do to make things fun for the passengers. Even got a damn air purifier in this bitch. I’m out here providing these mooks cleaner air than they’ve ever breathed, extending their life spans by a few minutes, and they ain’t hooking a nigga up. That’s fucked up, yo :mad:

@mIRC don’t make me turn on real nigga mode. I sound almost as fucked up and ignorant as angelpalm’s country cotton picking sounding ass. Gotta keep the voice on monotone whitey mode so I don’t scare my passengers.


ITT: black guys clean their cars for the first time ever to service white people, then celebrate it.


I truly do feel bad that these ignant Wonderbread skins do not appreciate the work you are putting into your pseudotaxi.

Anyone ever give you a “wow man, this is like a short limo” compliment or something? Cause you sound like you are putting a lot of effort into this.


I don’t know why people brag about driving stick. Cars are for point a to b unless you are an enthusiast or something.

The first time I looked up how to drive stick, I remember the guy doing frcs and 1f links to put the car in reverse. Then my dude did the pretzel motion. I was done.


yea, lol. that shit kray. speaking of old profiles…

some of my avatars I barely remember how to make them, let alone making them.

and here’s a finished shirt:



If you’re driving stick and cheering about it, you better be driving at least a Porsche or BMW or Audi or something.

Instead you got guys driving around a 96 Chevy telling other’s how great stick is and how pathetic their car is because it’s auto.


Yeah, and pedoviejo is an enthusiast. Shit is not worth it for me. Bring on self driving cars.



lol, mixah’s old avy. I liked the old Tiger Raid one, i forget who had it, Bob Sagat i think.


Driving a stick is great in theory, until you do it in rush hour stop and go traffic. If you live in a major american city stick is trash. Oh and on the track paddle shifters do just fine. Did 9 laps in a 458 with paddles and I would have grind those gears so hard if it was a stick.

Actually the most fun car I have ever tracked was my old Pontiac G8 GT… auto big 4 door that was a nimble as a BMW… one day I will figure out why I sold that damn thing.